WWE Extreme Rules Preview

Jeet / 05 May 2014

Can’t complain a lot about the match card of Extreme Rules, however, most of the matches are a little bit predictable. If there is something which is not really satisfying of the event is there are not enough special stipulations for these matches in spite of being the Extreme Rules pay per view event. Extreme Rules means every matches to be defended under special rules, but a number of matches of this match card does not have any special rules, which is not justified enough to the title.

Singles matches are being kept from the last two years in the Extreme Rules pay per view event, but the special rules matches have always been very exciting. But what about this year? A steel cage match, okay fine, an Extreme Rules match, that is cool too. And then what, a WeeLC match? A two on one handicap match, a six man tag team match and triple threat elimination match? Is that an Extreme Rules pay per view event? Are you serious? As I said, the match card seriously does not have to do with the name of the event.

Most of the matches are really predictable. The match card is arranged quite well and they have been given well storylines as well, but they still remained predictable.

There are some feuds which must end at the event. Talking over this matter, John Cena – Bray Wyatt feud comes into the mind first. The storyline of this feud is too weak to get continued after this event. Besides, it is becoming hell boring day by day. Bray Wyatt’s promos are getting quite boring as well. The most important thing about feud is, the base of this storyline is really confusing. The way the match ended at WrestleMania, they should have pulled the certain over there. It must end at Extreme Rules.

One of the feuds would surely not be continuing after the event and it should not be either, which is Daniel Bryan vs. Kane. They tried to make it look quite interesting, but we all know what is going to happen in this match.

The Shield vs. Evolution is arguably the most anticipated match of the event. This is going to be the first match of the Evolution in last ten years. Ric Flair’s entrance last week on Monday Night Raw made it look more interesting. We can count on some twist in this match and it would be done by the nature Boy.

Some of the superstars are going to have a little push as well, like Alexander Rusev. This guy is quite impressive, but honestly, I do not see him going too far.

So that is all about the first pay per view of the new session. We hope to get the best out of whatever match card has been provided.

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