This was a steel cage match and a rematch from WrestleMania XXX. John Cena entered the arena first and the fans booed as soon as John Cena’s entrance music hit, followed by Bray Wyatt along with Luke Harper and Eric Rowan.

Referee rang the bell and both attempted to grapple each other. John Cena locked Bray Wyatt in a neck lock. Wyatt quickly got out of the maneuver and grounded Cena with a shoulder strike. Wyatt attempted a running move, as Cena dummied it Wyatt clotheslined Cena from the back.

Wyatt pushed Cena towards a nearby turn buckle and started punching and stomping him. Wyatt pushed Cena towards the opposite turn buckle as Cena countered with a suplex. Cena attempted to escape the ring but Luke Harper and Eric Rowan stood in his way to prevent him from escaping the cage.

Cena went back to the ring and as he turned Wyatt hit an upper cut. Cena tried to capitalize with a number of punches as he blocked Wyatt’s face first attempt. But Wyatt easily got back in it and hit a face first on the steel cage wall.

Wyatt kept punishing Cena. He stuck and hold Cena to the wall of the cage, Eric Rowan hit Cena from the outside. Wyatt attempt a pin which Cena kicked out. Wyatt tried to escape through the door but Cena pulled him back and hit him a face first onto the steel cage wall. Cena attempted to escape the cage, he was almost out but Wyatt pulled him back.

Cena grounded Wyatt again with a face first in the steel cage wall, and again Cena attempted to escape and again Wyatt pulled him back. Wyatt got the control in his own hands this time. He hit a kneeling side slam (similar to Rock Bottom) on his Cena and attempted a pin which Cena kicked out.

Wyatt pulled Cena back, Cena quickly tried to capitalize with the Attitude Adjustment but Wyatt got out of it, before Wyatt could got the control back Cena nailed him with a drop kick. Both lied down for a while.

Cena stood up first and tried to escape. Wyatt stood up in his signature Exorcist style, he tried to escape through the door. Cena ran towards him and stopped him. Wyatt grounded Cena with a cross body and attempted a pin which Cena kicked out.

Wyatt kept punishing Cena, he hit a couple of face firsts on Cena and striking his head on the cage wall. As he attempted the same move for the third time, Cena reversed it. The crowd showed no support for Cena.

Cena hit a couple of shoulder blocks, followed by his signature Diving Cross Body and Five Knuckle shuffle. As he attempted Attitude Adjustment, Wyatt hold the Cage wall to prevent it. Wyatt tried to escape the cage instantly, but Cena took him back with a Power Bomb. He attempted a pin but Wyatt kicked out.

Cena attempted to escape through the door, but Eric Rowan shut the door off. Cena tried to force it open. Luke Harper also came in to prevent him from escaping. Bray Wyatt came out and pulled him back again.

Wyatt attempted a pin but Cena kicked out. Wyatt taunted for his signature maneuver senton drop and attempted it but Cena took himself out of it. Again Cena attempted to escape, Eric Rowan took Cena over his shoulders and he forced him in.

Wyatt went over the cage too to beat Cena but Cena capitalized with a face first. He attempted a cover but Wyatt kicked out. Cena again tried to escape, now Luke Harper went over. Both sat on the top of the cage, Harper punched on Cena’s face and forced him back again.

As Cena went inside he pulled Harper in too. Cena hit Harper’s face on the cage wall. Harper fell into the ring. Again Cena attempted to escape, Wyatt on the other hand tried to escape through the door. Cena pushed the door off with his left foot which struck against Wyatt’s head and Wyatt fell down.

Eric Rowan stood outside with a steel chair. Cena had to go inside. As Cena went inside Wyatt nailed Cena with a suplex and a Senton drop. He attempted pin and Cena kicked out.

Wyatt this time attempted his finishing maneuver Sister Abigail, Cena reversed it and locked him into the STF. Wyatt tried to escape through the cage, he used the rope to get Cena off of him. Cena had to leave him. Wyatt tried to escape but Cena hold his legs. Eric Rowan hold Wyatt’ hands from the outside to pull him out.

Both started pulling Wyatt from the opposite sides. Cena won the tug of war as he pulled Wyatt in. Luke Harper distracted Cena and Wyatt hit Cena’s head onto the cage wall.

Wyatt went to escape the cage. Cena went out to prevent him and he hit Attitude Adjustment from the top of the turn buckle. Cena covered Wyatt but Luke Harper blocked him. Cena stood up and nailed Harper with a running clothesline.

Again Cena attempted to escape, and again Rowan went to prevent him. Cena hold Rowan’s beard and hit his face on the cage back to back. He nailed Harper with a flying leg drop.

Cena went towards the door to escape. As he attempted to escape through the door, the lights went off. As the lights came back, a little boy looked to be standing in front of Cena with a microphone and singing ‘He’s got the whole world in his hands’ in a weird voice.

Cena went inside the ring, and Bray Wyatt quickly connected Sister Abigail on Cena. Bray Wyatt easily escaped the cage and won the match.


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