This was an Extreme Rules match for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. This was also the main event of the show. The WWE World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan entered the arena first, followed by the challenger Kane.

Daniel Bryan attacked Kane straight before he could enter the ring. Kane struck an upper cut and struck Bryan against the barricade. Kane took a Kendo Stick out from under the ring and hit Bryan with it. He pulled Bryan back, Bryan tried to capitalize but failed.

Kane climbed the top rope, Bryan stopped him with a running high kick. He hit a Hurricanrana from top rope. Kane stood near the turn buckle and Bryan struck a running high kick. He pushed Kane out of the ring with a diving cross body, he himself fell outside too.

Bryan ran towards Kane but Kane capitalized with a Big Boot. Kane picked Bryan up and hot him against the barricade. Kane pulled him up, he placed a steel chair on Daniel Bryan’s back and scoop slammed him along with the chair on his back on the barricade.

Kane picked up two chairs, threw them into the ring and went inside. He placed a chair between the turn buckle. Bryan went outside of the ring, as Kane attempted to pull him back, Bryan hit him with the Kendo Stick. Bryan went on the top rope with the stick in his hand, as he jumped on him, Kane struck an upper cut.

Kane nailed Bryan with two chair shots. He placed the chair on the floor and hit Bryan with a side slam on the chair. Kane attempted a cover and Bryan kicked out. Kane taunted for Choke Slam. As he choked Bryan, Bryan escaped and hit him with face first on the chair that Kane placed between the turn buckle.

Bryan climbed the top rope and struck a missile drop kick on Kane. Kane went outside of the ring. Bryan jumped on him and struck Kane’s back on the barricade. Bryan prepared the announce table for a move over it. He kept hitting Kane with all the goods that was on the table.

Kane punched Bryan on the face and tried to capitalize. Kane bounced off Bryan’s face on the announce table. Bryan was on the table and Kane brushed away the goods from the other announce table.

Kane climbed on the table and choke slam him on the table. Bryan blocked it with elbow strikes. He pushed Kane back and hit a flying DDT. As both stood up, Bryan tried to get the control with random kicks, Kane grabbed Bryan’s head and struck his body with the steel steps.

Kane pulled Bryan over the steel step and attempted the tomb stone pile driver, Bryan dummied the move and pushed Kane towards the steel post, Kane head collided against the post.

Bryan took out a kendo stick from under the ring and started hitting Kane back to back with it. Bryan hit it from over ten times and Kane stopped him with an upper cut. Kane pulled Bryan to the entrance stage and struck his head against the entrance door lights. The lights of that particular position went off.

Kane pulled Bryan to the backstage. They started fighting backstage. Kane threw a TV set on Bryan, Bryan escaped and punched on Kane’s face. Kane capitalized again. Kane kept striking Bryan’s head with all the things there was in the backstage.

Kane pulled Bryan to the garage and struck Bryan’s face with a television truck’s back. Bryan picked up a weapon and hit Kane with that. Kane went near a car, Bryan started punching Kane on the car, Kane pushed him out and as Bryan came back Kane hit Bryan’s back on the car.

Kane picked up a gas cylinder and threw it towards Bryan, Bryan ducked it. Bryan stood near a car, as Kane tried punch Bryan, Bryan ducked and Kane punched on the car window. Bryan picked up a wrench and hit Kane with it. Bryan pulled Kane over a forklift and him back to the arena, he put him into the ring.

Bryan climbed over the forklift and hit a diving head butt. Bryan attempted a pin but Kane kicked out. Bryan taunted for the running high knee, Kane sat up in his signature style. As Bryan ran towards him Kane choke slammed him. Kane attempted a pin and Bryan kicked out.

Kane tried to hit tomb stone pile driver on the steel chair but Bryan reversed with a DDT. Bryan picked up the chair and hit Kane ten times. Bryan locked Kane into the Yes Lock. Kane picked up the Kendo Stick and hit it on Bryan’s head. Bryan pulled the stick from Kane’s hand and locked the yes lock with the stick.

Kane somehow pulled himself out of the ring. Bryan jumped on Kane but reversed the move and choke slammed Bryan through the announce table. Kane took out a table and placed it near the ring. He ignited the table and fans really loved it.

Kane attempted to choke slam Bryan through the ignited table but Bryan pushed him and he fell down to his own trap. A guy extinguished the fire and Kane went inside the ring, the fire puzzled him totally. As soon as he went inside Bryan hit the running high knee on Kane. He attempted a pin and he got it. Daniel Bryan retained WWE World Heavyweight championship.


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