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The Bella Twins have been a huge asset for the WWE for the past several years. Despite their absence from the original WWE programming due to different reasons, the sister duo did carry the flag of the WWE on different occasions as brand representatives for the company. It appears the next set of such twins may have already been found.

WWE recently announced the first 15 signees (After the first overall signing in Gable Steveson) to their collegiate NIL program. One of the interesting signings involved a pair of twin sisters who currently play basketball for the Fresno State Bulldogs. Haley and Hanna Cavinder are the two names who are juniors on the Fresno State women’s basketball team. Now they are being considered as the next set of The Bella Twins.

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WWE Found The Next Bella Twins In The Cavinder Twins? 1

The Cavinder Twins seem to be already popular before signing the WWE deal. Each has over 330,000 followers on Instagram while their joint TikTok account has 3.8 million followers. Mainstream media did cover the sisters because of their unique combination of being two of the best players for their state team. At the same time, they can really boast of their social media success just like The Bella Twins.

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The next Bella Twins already have mainstream attention

It’s been noted that Haley leads her team in scoring, averaging 19 points per game. He also had 61 defensive rebounds and 13 offensive boards, as per the stats. Hanna is second on the team in scoring, averaging 14.9. Going by this, it’s safe to say that The Cavinders are the legit best players on their team.

WWE Found The Next Bella Twins In The Cavinder Twins? 2

Since The Cavinders are already well-known in the sports circuit around the USA, it’s no wonder that they would show an interest in the pair. They have made a name in the elite division one basketball at a very high level and now speculations are high about the company possibly building these two up as a replacement for The Bella Twins. This will obviously earn some more mainstream attention for the company.

As for the original The Bella Twins, the duo was inducted into the 2020 Hall of Fame class, earlier this year. They also got involved in a physical segment with Bayley at Wrestlemania 37, indicating a possible return. However, there’s no confirmation on whether these two are ready to have one last run in the WWE.

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