Lillian Garcia let everyone the rules of the match and the participants started their entrances. Seth Rollins came out first followed by Rob Van Dam, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston and Dean Ambrose. Bad News Barrett could not perform as he picked up an injury.

Dean Ambrose went straight towards Seth Rollins as he jumped on him and they fell outside of the ring. The bell rang and the other superstars fighting each other too. Dean Ambrose took Seth Rollins towards the crowd, he drove him to the other side of the barricade. Ambrose jumped on Rollins at the other side of the barricade and the fight kept going on.

Inside the ring, the other four superstars were looked to be fighting. Kofi Kingston drove Dolph Ziggler out with a drop kick, Swagger tried to attack him, he drove him out too and stood on apron. Rob Van Dam tried to attack him but Kofi dummied and connected a Jumping Lariat.

Kofi went outside and attempted to bring a ladder inside the ring, Swagger took the ladder away from his hand. Kofi quickly went inside and showed some highflying maneuvers and he drove Swagger out of the ring with a ladder shot.

Kofi placed a ladder under the ring and started climbing it. Dean Ambrose came out and pushed the ladder off and Kofi fell outside on Swagger, Ziggler and Van Dam. Ambrose tried his luck now by climbing the ladder, but Seth Rollins came out and blocked him. Ambrose smashed Rollins’ head on the standing ladder. He placed a ladder near the turnbuckle and nailed Seth by hitting a Full Nelson Suplex over the ladder.

Jack Swagger came out to prevent Dean Ambrose from getting price and they started fighting. Swagger and Ambrose went outside fighting as Kofi, Van Dam and Ziggler went for their lucks all together. Ziggler and Kofi drove Van Dam out and they tried to get it themselves. Swagger came out to prevent them. Ambrose clotheslined him out, Kofi and Ziggler clotheslined him out too.

Ziggler and Kofi climbed the ladder and tried to get the briefcase. Rollins came in with a ladder and hit both of them with it. Van Dam drop kicked Seth who was holding the ladder near his chest. Van Dam totally owned Seth with various maneuvers. He placed the ladder inside the turn buckle and forced Seth to lie on his bank on it. Van Dam hit rolling thunder which seriously drove Seth out cold.

Dean Ambrose quickly tried to get into the match, Van Dam drove him out with a high kick. Same occurred with Ziggler when he tried to interfere, and Jack Swagger whom Van Dam nailed with the five star frog splash after a spin kick.

Van Dam attempted to get the briefcase as Kofi came in to stop him. Both were on ladder, fighting and trying to get the briefcase. Swagger tried to prevent both, Van Dam and Kofi worked together here to drive Swagger out.

Kofi and Van Dam quickly started fighting, Kofi attempted a Superplex on Kofi. Swagger smashed a ladder on Kofi’s back. Sagger drove Kofi out with another ladder shot onto the mid section. Van Dam was still on turn buckle, Swagger placed the ladder near him, climbed on it and dragged Van Dam on it too. Swagger attempted a Superplex from the ladder, van Dam blocked it, and grounded Swagger with a head butt.

Van Dam attempted to hit a frog splash from the ladder, Seth Rollins came out to block him. The two started fighting on the ladder, Van Dam attempted a superplex, Swagger came in and placed his head between the legs of van Dam in a power Bomb position and he power bombed Van Dam as Rollins saved himself.

Dean Ambrose came back to the picture and went towards Rollins and he nailed him with a Superplex from the ladder. Dean Ambrose took a little time to stand up, and he stood up with a ladder in his hand. Ziggler drop kicked Ambrose on the ladder, Ambrose lied on the rope with the ladder in front of him. Swagger hit Ziggler a face first on the same ladder which looked to be hurt Ambrose more.

Kofi tried to get back into the match but Swagger prevented him. Swagger placed the ladder under the ring and attempted to climb the ladder. Van Dam came in and prevented him. Ambrose nailed Swagger with a clothesline and Rollins showed Van Dam ground.

The match kept going on as we now have Dolph Ziggler into the frame who was dominating almost everyone. During this period, Dean Ambrose was taken away by the security. He attempted to climb the ladder and get the briefcase. Swagger came in and locked the Patriot Lock. Ziggler showed good skills as he climbed the ladder with the strength of his arms. He kicked Swagger onto the face. Ziggler was close to get the briefcase as Rollins attacked him with a steel chair and drove him out.

Rollins went to his opportunity. Dean Ambrose came back and attacked Seth with the chair. Ambrose totally nailed Seth with the chair and started climbing the ladder. The pyro of the ring blasted and Kane came out. Kane attacked Ambrose and nailed him with a Choke Slam and a Tomb Stone Pile Driver.

Seth came in and Kane helped him to get the briefcase. Seth Rollins won the Money in the Bank contract and became Mr. Money in the Bank 2014. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out and congratulated Seth Rollins.


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