The match card of Money in the Bank has been one of the healthiest pay per view match cards of 2014. As we have all witnessed, WWE suddenly improved by a large scale.  And we know the reason, Mr. McMahon’s ideas are always best for business, hence, it has been proved again. All those matches that are going to take place at Money in the Bank follow the path of a number of decent storylines. Even the mid card matches are quite cool also. Every single match would be interesting to see, and we hope to get the best out of this event.

Let us start things off with the vacant WWE World Heavyweight championship match; the first ever Money in the bank ladder match for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. Eight superstars will battle to become the new WWE World Heavyweight champion as well as the brand new face of the company. As Daniel Bryan got injured, their plans were all jumbled up. They have to go through new plans. But we cannot say that this mess would lead WWE to a bad situation. Nine years ago, when Eddie Guerrero passed away, he was scheduled to compete as one of the members of team Smackdown at Survivor Series. After his death, Randy Orton took his place, and guess what, he was the only sole survivor of the match, and he instantly got involved in a storyline with the Undertaker. It definitely was best for business. So there is nothing to be fear off, they will do what the right thing is, probably things would go beyond our expectations, let us hope for the best.

The traditional Money in the Bank contract ladder match is also on the line. Seven men would go on to battle for the briefcase. As we all know, the idea of Money in the bank was invented in 2005, and the first ever Money in the Bank match took place in WrestleMania 21. Six superstars fought for their opportunity to win the briefcase. This time, the number of superstars who are going to compete in the Money in the Bank contract ladder match is seven including three former Money in the Bank match winners. Rob Van Dam won the second Money in the Bank match in WrestleMania 22 and cashed it to win the WWE championship. Jack Swagger won Money in the Bank contract match in 2010 at WrestleMania 26 and cashed it later to earn a World Heavyweight championship. And Dolph Ziggler won the contract in 2012 and he cashed it in to win his World Heavyweight championship. Undoubtedly, it would be a great match.

The Usos vs. The Wyatt Family would definitely be a great tag team action. We have seen these four athletes battling each other before in a number of tag team matches and every time they fought, they delighted the fans. Without any doubt, they will do what they are capable of doing this time again. But we all hope to see the end of this feud here as this feud is going on for quite a long time.

Another tag team action that is going to feature at the event is Rybaxel vs. Goldust and Stardust. The most interesting part of this match would be the new gimmick of Cody Rhodes, which is Stardust. This new gimmick of Cody Rhodes has impressed the fans a lot and we hope Stardust would be a very successful gimmick. This is the second time Stardust is going to perform and we hope this performance would be better than his previous one.

Rusev vs. Big E is a rematch from the last pay per event Payback where Big E was totally dominated by Rusev and it was a terrible contest. We hope to see a better and longer match. Big E is an young talent as well and if you do not allow him to win, at least give him a little longer to perform, else, how would he be able to prove himself?

Next is the Divas championship match, thank god the feud between Alicia Fox and Paige is over, and we are going to see someone new into the frame. This feud would not only highlight the Paige – Naomi rivalry, but also be a continuation of Naomi – Cameron feud. It is good to see off root storylines in a feud, especially in a Divas contest. We hope to see a good contest between the two young Divas.

Last but not the least, there is another Divas match between Summer Rae and Layla. The best thing about this match is; it is a non title Divas match that will take place in a pay per view event. We have not seen any non title Divas match in a pay per view event in quite a long time. It also follows a decent storyline. The build up of this storyline took a couple of months, and it never took a long time nor did it ever bore anyone. It just went on and as time passed, it became more and more interesting. Not to forget, Fandango, the man who is responsible for all the bad bloods and fights between Layla and Summer Rae is the special guest referee of this match. It would be very interesting to see whether he will remain a clean referee or he will take anyone’s side. We will get all the answers on this Sunday at money in the bank pay per view event.

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