WWE News: the abandoned planning for Divas championship at Wrestlemania 32

Arindam Paul / 01 April 2016

The all-red WWE Diva Eva Marie came into the main roster scene in WWE back in 2013 and she started with the reality TV series Total Divas. Since then she was part of the active Diva roster in WWE. But, she lacked the wrestling skills a Diva needs to be featured in shows like Raw and Smackdown and failed to impress the WWE Universe. Going by the looks and beauty that Eva is, WWE officials and Creative wanted him to be featured as a primetime Diva, but the idea needed to be postponed due to fans’ displeasure and obviously the botched moves inside the ring.

So, currently, Eva was asked to start from the scratch and headed back to the NXT division where she is the prime heel these days. Though, she continued to feature on the Total Divas show as one of the lead stars. Total Divas head and WWE Senior President, Mark Carrano has appeared in several episodes of the show.

In particular, an episode taped back in November 2015, Carrano was seen talking with Eva about changing her hair color and wanted her fellow star Mandy alongside her to come up with new ideas to be relevant once again. The episode was telecasted recently where Mark told Diva, “Remember we talked about wanting you in Dallas to defend the WWE Divas Championship? How do we get there?” To these, Eva gave responded, “I want that — Dallas — bad.

It was the original planning around Wrestlemania 32 as WWE was indeed had in store a huge push for Eva and letting her fight against the former champion Nikki Bella. The all red Diva had failed to do that with the lack of wrestling skills and instead Charlotte took the championship belt and now will defend it in a Triple threat Divas championship match. As for Eva, she has now teamed up with Nia Jaxx and is on the hunt to take the NXT Women’s champion from Bayley.

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