Now, it was reported earlier that Bray Wyatt, not competing in the match against Brock Lesnar despite huge publicity and anticipation was due to the reason of renewing their rivalry post-Wrestlemania season. The match was made a two-on-one handicap match in which Lesnar faced only Harper and Bray decided to stand alongside the ring and witnessed his disciple getting squashed.

The wrestling observer newsletter suggests that there is an apparent second reason with Bray not competing. They suspect that the reason behind Bray Wyatt’s absence is a serious back injury. It is only rumored news and nothing are confirmed yet. Wyatt apparently hurt himself and incurred the injury sometime in the past week.

But, then again in recent times, Wyatt wrestled on March 8th edition of Raw. So the injury seems to happen during a training session. Now, with a number of talents sitting on the benches due to injury the fact that he was working with an injury can’t be denied until proper time of his heal came. The same happened with Roman Reigns’ nose injury. He was working with it and only healed it after it was pushed into a storyline.

Speaking of Reigns, he returned this week’s edition of Raw after healing his nose injury to vow his Payback against Triple H. Apparently, Triple H was not the only one who was hurt during the brawl. reports that WWE referee Dan Engler was badly hurt in between the fight. He suffered the injury when Triple H threw a production case to Roman which accidentally hit him. Dan received stitches and sutures in his ankle after that incident. WWE has also posted a video of Dan Engler getting medical attention by the doctors.

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