WWE News: New Feud To Start On Smackdown Over US Championship

WWE News: New Feud to Start on Smackdown Over US Championship

courtesy wwe.com

Jeff Hardy was not a regular name on Smackdown Live for the past few weeks. He won the United States Championship after Wrestlemania.

An injury prevented him from in-ring competition for a long time. He came back from it once Wrestlemania 34 was over. WWE Raw witnessed his return after the grandest show if the year.

The Charismatic Enigma was rolling with momentums by his side. He dethroned Jinder Mahal from the championship right away. Later the creative team shifted him to the Smackdown brand of the WWE. It seemed to be a great move for his career, as he could have deserved more opportunities.

The reality turned out to be pretty much different on Smackdown Live. He failed to put an impression on the fans. It was not his fault, as the creative team failed to insert him into a proper feud.

They were trying to focus more on the MITB ladder match. Hence, the US title was absent from the scene.

We expect the norm to change now that the PPV event is over. Jeff Hardy was present on last week’s Smackdown Live. Shinsuke Nakamura featured against him in a one-off match for a non-title bout. The heel superstar toom some nasty actions on the champion that started a storyline angle.

Jeff mentioned on last night’s Smackdown that the memories are still hunting him from last week. He can see in closed eyes that Nakamura hitting a low blow and knee-to-face on him. So he is out for retribution against the Japanese superstar.

Nakamura did come to know about these strong comments from Hardy at a backstage interview. He had some tough words for the younger Hardy too. As per his comments, the US Champion should not try to cross his path ever again. If he does so, then Nakamura will teach him a lesson yet again.

It indicates a new feud is coming up on Smackdown Live. It will take place over the United States Championship. Jeff Hardy will defend it against Shinsuke Nakamura in a fresh rivalry. It is the reason perhaps why Nakamura failed to win the WWE Championship from AJ Styles at MITB.