Rusev upset with referee, former tag champs to be back

WWE News: Rusev fumes over conspiracy, former tag champs vows to be back

Last night on Raw, former United States champion Rusev squared off against Sin Cara in a one-on-one match up with Lana in his corner and Kalisto on Cara’s corner. Eventually, he was handed a loss by the man he will face at Extreme Rules for the United States championship.


In the height of the contest which saw Rusev almost finishing off the contest, Lana, and Kalisto both got up into the apron. Kalisto delivered a kick to the face of Rusev to momentarily stun him but that was enough to hand him a victory via roll-up. Rusev got seemingly angry over the incident and denied an interview backstage after the incident with his fiancée Lana.



He complained about Kalisto’s involvement in the match. He eventually blamed all the referees for conspiring against him and said that there is a conspiracy in work against him. Referring to some recent incidents, he added that this is the era of stupid referees.


Rusev is all set to take on Kalisto for the United States title at the Extreme Rules PPV. He earned the right to being called as the number one contender for the title after winning a battle royal on last week’s Raw. He wished to rename the title as Rusev’s title after he wins it at the PPV.


Speaking of title, WWE tag team title holders New Day is holding it for over 260 days now. With multiple teams being present in the division to challenge for their title, the tag team division is on fire right now. After last night’s Raw, it was confirmed that another team will debut as a part of the tag team division.


Under the gimmick of Shining Stars of Puerto Rico, Primo and Epico will make their in-ring return, next week on WWE Raw. They have been cutting promos for their arrival since the night after Wrestlemania 32. They actually are real-life cousins. They were the tag team champions back in 2012 and held the title for 106 days.

They were re-launched under the gimmick of Los Matadores when they two became Diego and Fernando, respectively. They were accompanied by El Torito, back then. However, this failed to attract the fans and the now they are back with something fresh.