Last week, the match was teased when Undertaker and Roman Reigns stood face to face and the deadman looked at the WrestleMania logo. He sent a clear challenge by choke slamming Roman Reigns at the end of the segment.

It was rumored to be booked for WrestleMania since the very beginning of January. It has also been said the Undertaker is going to retire after losing this match.

This week, Roman Reigns came out to address the Undertaker. Instead, he got Shawn Michaels who came out and talked to Roman about the match that is being proposed. Roman said that he did not call out Michaels, he called out the Undertaker. Michaels warned Roman not to go to WrestleMania with the Undertaker. Roman said the deadman would regret his whole life for going into the ring with Roman Reigns. Michaels said everybody is secretly hoping for Roman to fail. He said that he is on Roman’s side. Roman said that he understands everything but the Undertaker forced Michaels to retire but he would retire Undertaker. After the promo, Roman was walking out but Braun Strowman attacked Roman and beat him down.

Roman and Braun will face each other next week on Raw and hopefully, the Undertaker will cost Roman the match.

They need to make Shawn Michaels’ interference a little legit. The heart break kid needs to make more appearances in favor of this match, it would be a good build up for this feud indeed. Undertaker needs to give a valid reason for challenging Roman at WrestleMania too. It can be built around the Royal Rumble match too where Roman Reigns eliminated Undertaker and told him, ‘this is my yard now!’

So far, the feud is going good. Hopefully, we will see a better continuation of it in the upcoming weeks.


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