WWE NXT 2.0 is set to resume live event touring 1

NXT is WWE’s third brand besides Raw and Smackdown. NXT was way different than traditional Raw and Smackdown. Unfortunately, this brand did not get any live events since March due to the pandemic. And although you’re here to know about WWE, you can browse through onlinecricketbets.in if you’re a cricket fan!

But it is finally getting the credit it deserves. NXT rebranded itself as NXT2.0 and premiered on September 14. It was a completely new look fr the famous black and yellow brand. The premier received a significant number of views on cable networks. There have been reports of WWE chairman discussing pushing NXT2.0 to the level of Raw and Smackdown with more significant live events.

The New NXT2.0

The premier of NXT 2.0 on September 14 got a considerable number of people to tune their television in. What’s most noticeable about NXT 2.0 was its appearance and change in theme. Besides, we saw more changes in the brand, and people have mixed opinions about it.

Here are some of the significant changes in NXT 2.0.

New Logo and Music

The first thing you will notice is the new NXT logo. It has a more vibrant touch and a 2.0 written at the bottom, indicating a new era for NXT.

The original NXT logo was Yellow-colored with a black border, or you may call it shadow. But the new NXT 2.0 logo has much more color than yellow. You have red, purple, blue, pink, orange and many more. It is like a color dye. In addition, we have new theme music to match the aesthetics of the logo.

New Wrestlers

The premier has introduced us to many new faces in NXT. Some of them include Von Wagner, Ivy Nile, Bron Breakker, and The Creed Brothers. They brought some energetic in-ring action to the crowd.

This introduction seems to be pointing out that NXT 2.0 will have pretty much the same theme as NXT for introducing new wrestlers in the WWE network.

More Entertainment

Will there be more entertainment? Of course. There will be more actions packed in NXT 2.0 that can be compared directly with Raw and SmackDown. The only difference is that NXT 2.0 will have more independent style action than the traditional role-fitting action of Raw and SmackDown.

And that with the new colorful decoration of NXT 2.0. You will surely get something completely new and entertaining than traditional WWE. The premier was able to give us a ton of entertainment. So, think of how well NXT 2.0 will develop and entertain us in the future.

Live Event Touring

NXT stopped its live event tours in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Then it was supposed to come back in July, but it never happened.

Now it has made its debut again on September 14 with a new color theme. It is reported that WWE is discussing new plans for launching NXT 2.0 for full-scale live event tours.

WWE is already on the lookout for a Senior Production Assistant for Social Media. The job is about managing social media content for NXT 2.0.

If we speculate on this new post and the NXT 2.0 premiere ratings, we can easily guess that NXT 2.0 got the green light for live event tours.

NXT 2.0 premiere on September 14 was watched by reportedly 770,000 USA homes. This was the highest view of the WWE network since August. So no wonder why WWE is planning to push NXT 2.0 for live event tours. They have very high expectations from this brand. This also led us to believe that we will be seeing more new events under the brand NXT 2.0


NXT started as a small segment of WWE but quickly went on to become the third full-fledged brand. It was pretty unfortunate that it stopped its live event touring in March 2020.

But sometimes bad things lead to good things and that’s what happened here. NXT is back as NXT 2.0 with a new theme and energy in the arena.

It is reportedly greenlighted for live event tours soon. We can hope that it will live up to our expectations.