The long history between John Cena and Bray Wyatt was shown as the video promo of the match. They showed how John Cena defeated Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania XXX and been defeated by Bray Wyatt at Extreme Rules. They showed how the storyline continued.

Bray Wyatt entered the arena first followed by the former fourteen times world champion. The Usos came out as the back up for John Cena as Luke Harper and Eric Rowan stood in the corner of Bray Wyatt. Wyatt took his time to enter the ring.

The bell rang and both superstars unloaded random punches on each other. Cena tried to get the control of the match by hitting a face first and a running boot. Bray Wyatt quickly cultivated with a strong upper cut.

Wyatt looked to be in control of the game as he started beating Cena badly. Wyatt attempted the ten count after a high body splash but Cena stood up by the count of four, Cena took Wyatt as a support to stand up. Wyatt mocked by giving dancing move with Cena and as he attempted a clothesline Cena dummied and grounded Wyatt with a running high shoulder block.

Cena hit five knuckle shuffle after his signature back body drop. As he went for the AA Wyatt slid down and hit a knee to the gut. Wyatt attempted a running Senton Drop and Cena dummied as Wyatt hurt himself. As Cena tried to get the control quickly, Wyatt hit a lifting side slam.

Wyatt taunted for Sister Abigail and as he attempted the move, Cena blocked it but got grounded again by a high body splash from Wyatt. Cena went to the apron to take the support of the ropes to stand up, Wyatt followed him and hit DDT on the apron.

Wyatt picked Cena over the turn buckle for a superplex, Cena blocked it with head butts, as Wyatt fell down, Cena nailed him with jumping leg drop. Cena quickly tried to hit the AA, Wyatt blocked it and reversed it with the Sister Abigail.

Wyatt attempted the count down victory but Cena stood up by the count of eight. As Wyatt went closer to him for a clothesline, Cena connected the AA. Both were grounded, referee began the count. Cena stood up by four counts. Wyatt stood up in his awkward Exorcist style by the count of seven.

Eric Rowan attacked Cena during this and the Usos took Rowan of the ring. Luke Harper went inside and took the Usos out of the ring. He did not go for Cena but jump over the Usos and his partner Rowan too. One of the Usos saved himself who went over the top rope and hit a cock screw moonsault on both Luke Harper and Eric Rowan.

Cena stood up, during this Wyatt brought a steel chair inside with which he hit Cena. After three chair shots, Cena went outside, the referee started counting. As Cena stood up by the support of the steel post, Wyatt attempted another chair shot which Cena dummied and Wyatt hit it to the steel post.

Cena picked up the chair and hit Wyatt with it. After two chair shots, Wyatt went inside and Cena followed him hit him with the chair again. Cena threw the chair away and asked the referee to start counting. As Wyatt stood up, Cena went outside of the ring and brought a couple of tables from under the ring.

He took one table inside the ring and place it between the ring. Wyatt suddenly attack Cena with a hard punch. Cena tried to capitalize quickly with the AA which Wyatt blocked and nailed Cena with a suplex on the table.

The referee started counting. Cena stood up by the count of eight. Bray Wyatt dragged one of the steel steps inside. As Cena went over the step, Wyatt tried to hit Cena with the chair. Cena dummied it and punched Wyatt. Cena picked up the step and hit Wyatt with it.

Wyatt went out of the ring. Cena threw the step on Wyatt and Wyatt was out cold. That was a superb move. Wyatt stood up which looked to be shocking for Cena. Cena took out another table from outside of the ring. He tried to jump on Wyatt from the Apron and Wyatt connected a sister Abigail straight.

Both were down, they took their time to stood up. The fight went on outside of the ring. Cena attempted a power bomb on the steel step which Wyatt reversed and hit Cena’s back with it. Wyatt kept beating Cena down as he hit a Senton drop.

Wyatt attempted to hit Cena with the chair and quickly capitalized with an AA. Cena went inside the ring as the referee started counting. Harper and Rowan came out and attacked Cena. They helped Wyatt to stand up on his feet. They started assaulting on Cena. As they placed a chair, The Usos came out and attacked Harper and Rowan but got beaten down by them.

Harper and Rowan placed two chairs side by side. Rowan placed another near the barricade but Jey Uso smashed his head on it. Luke Harper and Jimmy Uso went over the turn buckle, Harper attempted a superplex on the two tables and hit it to break both tables.

By the time, Cena and Wyatt both stood up, Cena attempted the AA, Wyatt blocked it hit Cena high body splash to break the barricade.

They took their time to stand up and went near to the entrance stage. They stood over the entrance generator. Cena nailed Wyatt with the AA on a big box to break the box. Cena placed another huge box over Wyatt to block Wyatt’s exit. He himself also stood over the box. The referee started counting down, and by the ten count, Wyatt could not come out. John Cena defeated Bray Wyatt in a last man standing match.


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