The challenger Rob Van Dam entered the arena first. Assault from Bad News Barrett on Van Dam after he won the tournament a couple of weeks ago was shown. WWE Intercontinental champion Bad News Barrett entered the ring after that. He said that he got some bad news for those who thought Rob Van Dam would walk out as the Intercontinental champion; the Bull hammer would send RVD to a permanent summer vacation on that night, because he was the BNB.

The match started as they grappled each other. Barrett tried to get the early advantage with a neck lock. Van Dam easily got out of it, both fought their way to get the early of the match and Van Dam got it in his hands with a spin kick.

Van Dam kept Barrett down with his usual high flying maneuvers. He made a couple of pin fall attempted which Barrett kicked out. Barrett grounded Van Dam with a head first by reversing one of his moves.

Barrett attempted to throw Van Dam to the opposite turn buckle which Van Dam reversed and hit a running Spin Kick. Barrett went outside to rest but Van Dam followed hit Barrett’s back with the barricade.

Van Dam made Barrett lied over the barricade and nailed him with a super spinning leg drop. He took Barrett back to the ring and kept dominating him. But the domination did not continue for long as Barrett hit a kick to the chest which nailed Van Dam.

Van dam stood on the apron and Barrett hit a hard big boot, Van Dam fell down and his head and back clashed against the barricade. Barrett got his first real control of the game. He started manhandle Van Dam. During this, Barrett attempt to beat Van Dam by count out but Van Dam came back to the ring by the count of eight.

Barrett kept manhandling Van Dam with different and various maneuvers. Barrett locked Van Dam in a head lock and tried to make Van Dam submit. Van Dam somehow got out of it with a number of Elbow strikes. Barrett tried to hit a Pump Handle Slam but Van Dam reversed with a spin kick.

Van Dam got the control in his hands and now he started to dominate Barrett with his stylish high flying moves. Van Dam attempted his finishing maneuver five star frog splash after a rolling thunder, as Van Dam jumped Barrett pulled himself apart and Van Dam hurt himself badly.

Barrett tried to finish Van Dam with the Bull Hammer but Van Dam reversed with a scissors pin, which Barrett kicked out. Before Van Dam could do anything, Barrett hit a spinning side walk slam on Van Dam.

Van Dam went outside and stood by the steel post. Barrett tried to punch him and Van Dam dummied, Barrett hit the post which hit his hand badly. Barrett went back to the ring, Van Dam quickly tried to pin him with a DDT but Barrett kicked out. Again Van Dam went for the cockscrew moonsault but Barrett dummied the move and nailed Van Dam with the Bull Hammer. Barrett pinned Van Dam after that to retain the championship.

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