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Piper Niven. Image Credits: Twitter

This week’s RAW started as footage from Day 1 was shown as first where Brock Lesnar won the WWE championship. After that, footage from last week was shown where Bobby Lashley won the fatal 4 way match to become the number one contender for the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar came out to the arena along with his advocate Paul Heyman. Heyman introduced WWE champion Brock Lesnar in his usual fashion. As Brock Lesnar was about to say something, Bobby Lashley made an interference.

RAW. Image Credits: Twitter

WWE RAW 10.01.2022 Results & Ratings

Bobby Lashley said that it was an honour for him to share the same ring with Brock Lesnar but Lesnar had been escaping from him for the last twenty years. Lesnar and Lashley kept on exchanging words and this Brock Lesnar is really entertaining. At the end of the segment Brock Lesnar called Bobby Lashley a Brock Lesnar wannabe.

After the segment, The Hurt Business attacked Bobby Lashley and got beaten down. The second reunion of the Hurt Business was completely unnecessary, and if they did, they should not have break it so early.

Match 1 – The Alpha Academy defeated RK-Bro to become new WWE Raw Tag Team champions

This was a huge shocker. Yes of course there was a chance of the title changing hand but the way it did was quite shocking. Otis pinned Randy Orton clean with a World’s Strongest Slam to win the championships for his side.

Match 2 – Apollo Crews and The Dirty Dogs defeated The Street Profits and Damian Priest

RAW. Image Credits: Twitter

This match was booked for 6 minutes and it was an average six man tag team match. Good to see the heel side winning in this occasion. Dolph Ziggler picked up the victory for his side in this match, he pinned Angelo Dawkins with the Zigzag.

Seth Rollins came out to the arena. He said that he was really excited and then he announced that he would be facing Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble pay per view event.

Big E came out to the arena and said that he was extremely excited to see him going to Royal Rumble to face Roman Reigns for the Universal title. He then said that he would be entering the Royal Rumble match and he challenged Rollins into a match instantly.

Match 3 – Seth Rollins defeated Big E

This match was booked for eleven minutes and it was an excellent match. Both competitors were really on top of their game and indeed it was the best match of the night. Rollins defeated Big E clean in this match as he pinned him with the Stomp.

Nikki ASH and Rhea Ripley came out to the arena. Nikki wanted a rematch for the women’s Tag Team Championship but Rhea did not want to continue the team anymore. She said that they could still be friends. They first had some cool talks, then Nikki attacked Rhea and beat her down. So and other women’s Tag Team is over and Nikki is also a heel now.

Match 4 – Omos squashed Local Athlete

RAW. Image Credits: Twitter

This match was booked just to promote Omos as an unstoppable force. Before the match, a chase for the 24/7 championship was going on and Reggie crashed into Omos. Omos challenged Reggie into a match next week.

Next up was the Cutting Edge segment with Beth Phoenix being the special guest. The segment was quite long and in this segment they mostly focused on giving hype to the women involved in the mixed tag team match at Royal Rumble.

Miz and Maryse made an interference during the segment and as it was mentioned above, it was mostly about the women. Edge kept on promoting Beth as Miz focused on promoting Maryse. At the end of the segment, Maryse left as if she was scared by Beth.

Match 5 – AJ Styles defeated Austin Theory by DQ

AJ Styles was the strongest of the duo who was dominating the most part of the match. As he was about to hit the Phenomenal Forearm, he got attacked by Greyson Waller and the match went to disqualification.

Match 6 – Doudrop defeated Liv Morgan and Bianca Belair to become the no 1 Contender for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship

RAW. Image Credits: Twitter

The triple threat match was quite fun. Doudrop dominated the first part of the match but the most part of the match was dominated by Bianca. As she was about to pin Liv, Becky Lynch attacked her add stopped her from winning the match. Doudrop pinned Liv Morgan with a Banzai Drop to win. Doudrop stood tall as this week RAW went off air.

Overall, it was not a bad week of Monday Night RAW. We got to see some excellent matches as well as a shocking title change. This week’s show did a good job in promoting Royal Rumble as well. But once again the 24/7 Championship picture was terrible and meaningless. We give it 2.5 stars out if 5.

Sportzwiki Ratings – 2.5/5