Earlier on the night WWE World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan addressed the WWE Universe and said that he has picked up a neck injury and he had to go through a surgery on the following Thursday. It was not confirmed what would happen with the championships he carry. Bryan also said that there are some people who are very happy with the injury he picked up, and he named Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Daniel Bryan. Stephanie McMahon came out to address him and share her disappointment about this incident later on the same night. What happened after that? Find out here in Sportzwiki;

Stephanie McMahon came out and grabbed a microphone in her hand as the fans booed her thoroughly. She said that Daniel Bryan came out there earlier on that night and he told his story that since SummerSlam he overcame all the odds and climbed all the adversity, he won the WWE World Heavyweight championship at WrestleMania XXX and then defeated the Demon Kane.

She said that he did all those things but at the end of the day Daniel Bryan then that had to undergo neck surgery on Thursday of that week. She said that she did not want to be right on the fact that Daniel Bryan was simply not an A+ player. That was what she tried to tell her all along and unfortunately his body just could not keep it up despite of what his heart wanted and his heart wanted to do it for the people, the fans. He did have a heart of a champion, but unfortunately he just could not pull it through for the fans.

She said that Daniel Bryan knew that she just wanted to protect him that was what all he tried to do but he just did not listen. So at the end of the day, her family and she had to do what was best for business. Therefore, since they really did not know the outcome of the surgery was going to be, she needed to ask him to come out to the arena because she had something that she needed to tell him.

Kane’s pyro music hit and Kane dragged Daniel Bryan down to the arena. Kane left Bryan on the floor of the entrance stage and left the arena. Bryan looked completely out cold. Medical stuffs came out with a stretcher and took him away from the arena in an ambulance. Stephanie McMahon tried to explain herself to Brie Bella but Brie pushed her away and said stay out of it. The Ambulance left the arena as Stephanie McMahon stared in anger.


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