This is the third match of the quarter final from the no 1 contender’s tournament for the WWE Intercontinental championship. Jack Swagger entered the arena first with his manager Zeb Colter then came the Celtic Warrior Sheamus.

The match started as Jack Swagger gotthe early advantage as he pushed Swagger to the nearby turnbuckle and unloaded random kicks. Jack Swagger tried to keep the control the game in his own hands but Sheamus soon capitalized as he ducked Swagger’s clothesline and unloaded back to back punches.

Sheamus grounded Swagger with a clothesline. Swagger tried to get back into the match quickly but Sheamus kept the control as he grounded Swagger with another Clothesline. As Swagger stood up, Sheamus clotheslined Swagger out of the ring.

Sheamus tried to nail Swagger with the Beats of Bodhran but Zeb Colter created a distraction for the Celtic Warrior and Swagger slipped through. Swagger went outside of the ring and Sheamus tried to jump on Swagger from the Apron, Sheamus grabbed him and slammed his body on the floor. Swagger taunted with victory pose over Sheamus.

Swagger put Sheamus back into the ring and attempted a pin which Sheamus kicked out. Swagger locked Sheamus in an arm lock submission maneuver. Sheamus somehow got out of it but before Sheamus could do anything Swagger nailed him with a belly to belly suplex. He attempted a pin which Sheamus kicked out in two.

Swagger picked Sheamus up and tried to pin him again with a clothesline and again Sheamus kicked out. Swagger again locked Sheamus in an arm lock submission maneuver. Sheamus was able to capitalize this time as he slid out from the lock and hit Swagger a clothesline.

Sheamus hit back to back shoulder blocks on Swagger and after a number of various moves Sheamus tried to pin Swagger with a high knee which Swagger kicked out in two count. Sheamus locked Swagger between the ropes and this time he was able to hit the Beats of Bodhran. After ten beats, Sheamus climbed on the turn buckle and grounded Swagger with a diving shoulder block. He tried to pin him which Swagger kicked out again in two count.

Sheamus tried to hit another diving move from the apron, and Swagger reversed it and locked him into the Patriot Lock. Sheamus somehow got out of it and Swagger pushed Sheamus out of ring. Swagger also went out and hit Swagger’s injured on the barricade with a running move.

Swagger picked Shemaus back into the ring, as Swagger went inside the ring, Sheamus nailed with the Brogue Kick. Sheamus pinned Swagger after this move to advance to the semifinal.


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