This is the second match of the quarter final from the no 1 contender’s tournament for the WWE Intercontinental championship. Antonio Cesaro entered the arena first with Paul Heyman then came the World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry.

The match started as they grappled each other. Henry pushed Cesaro to the nearby corner, as Cesaro prevented it Henry threw him away. Cesaro tried to attack Henry with a running move but Henry kept the control of the match in his hands with a clothesline. He threw Cesaro out of the ring.

Paul Heyman went towards Cesaro to help him some with game plans. Cesaro went back to the ring. As Henry tried to grapple him Cesaro punched him right into the face. He kept hitting back to back upper cuts and pushed him towards the near corner and kept puncheing and hitting hard upper cuts. Henry tried to push back Cesaro a number of times but Cesaro capitalized with big upper cuts every time.

Henry finally capitalized with a clothesline. Henry looked really hurt after those solid upper cuts from Cesaro as he looked unable to stand properly. He tried to pin Cesaro, which Cesaro kicked out. Cesaro went towards the apron and Mark Henry tried to attack him but Cesaro capitalized with a rope choke.

Cesaro went back to the ring quickly and tried to hit Henry. But Henry blocked Cesaro and tried to finish things off as he attempted to hit his finishing maneuver The World’s Strongest Slam. But Cesaro dummied the move as he slid back of Henry and hit an upper cut from the back side of Henry. Before Henry could capitalize, Cesaro ran towards the near by turn buckle and climbed on it, he hit Henry with a flying upper cut.

Cesaro picked up Henry after the flying upper cut for finish things off with his finishing move. He taunted for the neutralizer. And as he picked up the four hundred pounds Mark Henry for this move the whole arena remained shocked! He hit his finishing maneuver The Neutralizer on the World’s Largest Athlete. After the move, Cesaro pinned Henry for the victory and to advance to the semifinal of the tournament.

After the match, Paul Heyman announced Cesaro’s name as the winner of the match is the newest Paul Heyman guy and gave him a new nick name, ‘The King of the Swing’. Heyman went towards Cesaro and pointed him as the winner. The audience cheered for him.


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