This was the first semi final match for the No 1 contender’s match for the WWE Intercontinental championship against the champion Big E at the Extreme Rules. Bad News Barrett entered the arena first, and then came out the challenger Sheamus.

Referee rang the bell as Barrett kicked Sheamus on the groin who attempted to grapple.He pushed Sheamus towards the nearby turn buckle and attacked him with punches and kicks. Sheamus quickly capitalized with a punch right into the face of Barrett and he took him towards the opposite turn buckle and started punishing him. Sheamus picked up Barrett over his shoulders and stuck a lifted Senton drop.

Shemus went over the top rope as Barrett go up to punch him right into the face. Barrett attempted to hit a superplex Barrett prevented and pushed him away with a head butt. Barrett went to the apron and tried to attack him as Sheamus prevented him with a kick to the face and hit a diving body on Barrett at the outside of the ring.

Sheamus picked Barrett up and took him inside the ring. He attempted to hit the Beats of Bodhran which Barrett blocked. He pushed Sheamus towards the steel post and nailed him with a big boot which took Sheamus out of the ring.

Barrett took Sheamus back into the ring and hold Sheamus in a neck Lock. Sheamas, after being locked in the move for a while, and got out of it with shoulder strikes. Barrett attempted a running move as Sheamus converted into a Big body Slam.

Both remained on the ground for a while. As they both stood up, Sheamus kept the control of the match with a number of hard punches. After a number of punches and two running high knees,  he hit the Beats of Bodhran on Barrett. After that, he hit a running Diving Shoulder block. Sheamus attempted a pin which Barrett kicked out.

Barrett tried to get back into the match with a kick to the who was standing near the turn buckle, but Sheamus kept the control in his own hands as he hit the Irish Curse back Breaker on him. He attempted another pin but Barrett kicked out again.

Sheamus picked up Barrett over the shoulders which Barrett countered. Barrett tried to finish the match quickly as he picked Sheamus up for the Wasteland. Sheamus prevented it as he attempted a brogue kick which Barrett ducked. Sheamus ran towards the ring as he came back Barrett hit a spinning Side Walk Slam. Barrett attempted a pin which Sheamus kicked out in two.

Barrett got prepared for the Bull Hammer. Sheamus reversed it with his signature move White noise. Sheamus attempted a pin and again, Barrett kicked out. Sheamus looked shocked. Both took their times as they started punching each other on the face.

In a body collision both went outside of the ring where Barrett looked to be hurt more. Sheamus picked Barrett back into the ring. Barrett went out the ring again, Sheamus attempted to jump on Barrett as Barrett nailed Sheamus with the Bull Hammer from the outside. Barrett quickly went inside the ring and pinned Sheamus to advance to the Final.


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