WWE Raw 23/6/14 – Triple H’s announcement on the Money in the Bank contract match

Jeet / 26 June 2014

The game Triple H entered the arena. He grabbed a mic and first he condemned the American government for the present condition of their nation. He said what he did was always the best for business which was not just an empty catch phrase, that was what he always did. That was why this Sunday at the Money in the Bank pay per view event, there would not only be a WWE World Heavyweight championship Money in the Bank ladder match, but there also be a traditional Money in the Bank contract ladder match. A match where the participants would try to climb the ladder to get the briefcase that would be hanging on top of the ring and inside that briefcase there would be a contract where the winner of that contract could get a WWE World Heavyweight championship match anytime, anywhere, any place he wanted. The contract guaranteed the owner of it to right the best for himself for his future.

The first entrant of that ladder match had already been declared at the past Wednesday when Triple H gave an interview to Michael Cole on WWE.com. Triple H said that he was here to announce the rest of the competitors for the match and he said that his list would not be based on his favorites, it would be best on what best for business was.

The second competitor after Seth Rollins was the former United States champion Kofi Kingston, up next was a former Money in the Bank match winner who cashed in his contract successfully to earn a World Heavyweight championship reign, Jack Swagger, up next was someone whom the fans thought he did not appreciate talent of, Dolph Ziggler, up next, is another former Money in the Bank winner Rob van Dam, up next is the WWE Intercontinental champion Bad News Barrett.

Among all these men, Triple H believed that was going to win the match was Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins came out to the arena. As Seth Rollins grabbed the mic the fans started chanting ‘you sold out’. Seth said that the fans were pathetic to remember what happened three weeks ago, but he moved over whatever happened. He said that they should thanking him because he was responsible for all the success of Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. He said that he created the Shield and he had all the rights to destroy the Shield. He said that this Sunday he would climb the ladder and get the contract.

Rob Van Dam interfered. He said that they were forgetting him to take him seriously, he said that he was a former Money in the Bank winner and a former WWE champion. He said that Triple H remembered how Van Dam crushed him at the first ever Elimination Chamber match. Van Dam challenged She Rollins in a match. Triple H made it official.


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