Stephanie McMahon entered the arena with a broad smile on her face. She thanked everyone for coming to Monday Night Raw. She said that that Daniel Bryan would not be here tonight. She said that she saw a lot of fans were saying in the social media what Triple H and Stephanie McMahon did to Daniel Bryan last week was disgusting, that it went too far, that it was uncomfortable to watch. Stephanie McMahon says that she had to say that she agreed. But they did what they needed to do. To send the message to Daniel Bryan and all the other superstars and the divas that insubordination will not be tolerated. They will not tolerate the yes movement anymore to create false leader, who will lead all of the fans down to the path of self-destruction. And the only to make Daniel Bryan listen was to take drastic measures. Now as leaders their will not always be popular, but that is all leadership is, after all, what is a ship without a captain, what is an army without a general, what is a company without a CEO. People like the fans need to be led by people with intellect and character like herself. She praised the McMahon family for serving WWE for over fifty years.

Stephanie says that last week Daniel Bryan was shown his positions, and also been shown who Triple H actually is, the greatest WWE superstar in history. And at WrestleMania, when Triple H beat Daniel Bryan, he will go on to get the WWE World Heavyweight champion.

WWE World Heavyweight champion entered the arena. Orton said that he was not out here to argue with her, he respected her and her husband. But he would do what he does best if Tripel H beats Daniel Bryan. Fans chanted ‘we want Bryan’, as Stephanie said that they chant his name all night long but he is not going to show up. Orton then praised Stephanie McMahon, so he asked her to let Triple H leave WrestleMania a winner, make him stay away from the WWE World Heavyweight championship match.

Batista entered the arena now. Batista said that everyone was forgetting simple thing, he would going to get the WWE World Heavyweight champion. A funny thing happened during this, the microphone Batista using was not okay, whatever Batista saying was clear. Someone threw a new mic to Batista and they make a good comedy of it. Batista said there is a fact that Triple H never beaten him, and if he makes to the championship match at WrestleMania he would not be able to beat him either. And neither would Randy Orton.

Batista said that Randy Orton makes him, every week he drool all over Stephanie McMahon, and Steph had been drooled all before. Stephanie slapped right into the face of Batista and Batista’s sunglass fell down. Stephanie left the ring and Randy Orton started laughing on him, Batista nailed Orton with a spear and he posed with the two championships.


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