Here are some highlights of the interview of Triple H taken by Michael Cole on Monday Night Raw;

Cole – So Hunter, as COO of WE, how can you justify the attack at hands last week of your WrestleMania opponent Daniel Bryan?

Triple H – See the question you asked is confusing itself and you want me to answer as COO and you want me to answer as a competitor at WrestleMania, people seem to be confused about what they are asking for right here. Daniel Bryan was very clear about what he was asking for, they were very clear about what they were asking for, and they got exactly what they were asking for. Let me ask me you a question Cole; have you ever been put in a position, where you had no choice but to submit to somebody else’s will? Shackled so to speak, to where you had to do what somebody else want you were defenseless, helpless, it’s a horrible feeling, isn’t it?

Cole – Hunter I’m sure you are refrained to the fact that last week you handcuffed before you assaulted him.

Triple H – No, I’m not refraining the handcuffing anybody I’m refraining to Daniel Bryan walking to this ring with the WWE Universe, inviting them out here a few weeks ago, and attempt to highjack the show. I’m talking about the occupy Raw movement, I’m talking about this little Yes movement. Daniel Bryan came out here, these people stood in this ring. Daniel Bryan put them in Harm’s way in attempt to take over. And get what they wanted and let me ask you this Cole, where is mock horal to all of that, oh that was okay you just chalk that up to a memorable Raw moment, didn’t ya? But what I did was despicable.

Cole – Probably Hunter because many people believe what Daniel Bryan did was an inspiring act and others believe what you did was an active thud lite aggression by unbecoming the COO of WWE.

Triple H – See there is that confusion again, COO or competitor, Daniel Bryan asked for the game, how many times I say Daniel Bryan that I don’t wanna fight him. But he forced the issue, they forced the issue, they forced my hand and make me become a competitor. And then they got exactly what they asked for and Daniel Bryan got exactly what he deserved….. Maybe I start the reality era, this is the beginning of the reality era. You what is this Cole, it means the reality is, at WrestleMania I end this pathetic yes movement. The relity is at WrestleMania what I done with that, I’m gonna step into a triple threat match, and no one leaving off of their past glories is gonna stop me. Because Michael, the reality is, I have the power to make it happen, and they all know it’s true. The reality era means that the reality is I am gonna walk out from WrestleMania as the WWE World Heavyweight champion.


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