Evolution vs. The Shield from last night on Payback was shown before the start of the event. Evolution came out to start the show off. Triple H said that everybody thought it was over between them and the Shield won. But it was far from over, he never backed down. He would not stop until he finished The Shield off. Batista took the mic away from Triple H’s hand and said that he did not care about the Shield anymore. He was promised a one on one WWE World Heavyweight championship match when he won the Royal Rumble match and he wanted that match on that night. Triple H said that there was a plan, he did not want Batista to be remembered as the guy who could not beat the Shield. So he wanted him to help him to finish the Shield off. Once they were dealt with the Shield they would be given whatever they want, but before that no one was getting anything. Batista said that he understodd, and then he shocked everyone by saying he quit. Everyone remained shocked when Batista left the ring. Triple H wanted Batista to come back to the ring but he did not stop.

Match 1 – WWE United States champion Sheamus and Rob Van Dam defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Bad News Barrett and Cesaro. Good match to kick things off. Cesaro left Barrett alone during the match to make it two on one and Rob Van Dam pinned Barrett with the Five Star Frog Splash.

Damien Sandow came out in the attire of Lance Stephenson who was Indiana Pacers player to insult the team. The Big Show came out and knocked out Damien Sandow with the Knock Out punch.

Match 2 – Bo Dallas defeated Kofi Kingston. Average match, Bo Dallas pinned Kofi Kingston with his finishing maneuver Running Bulldog. The fans did not seem to be enjoying the annoying personality of Bo Dallas.

Stephanie McMahon came out to the arena next and loathed on the incident of last night where Daniel Bryan refused to hand over the WWE World Heavyweight championship and Brie Bella slapped her. She said that she was tough and she could deal with it. She said that Daniel Bryan only thought about himself, he chose his selfishness and himself over the WWE World Heavyweight championship, the fans and even his wife. She made Daniel Bryan responsible for Brie Bella as jobless. She announced if Daniel Bryan became physically fit until the next pay per view event Money in the Bank, he would face the Demon Kane for the WWE World Heavyweight championship, else, the money in the bank ladder match would be defended for the first time in the history for WWE World Heavyweight championship.

She kept loathing on Daniel Bryan and John Cena interrupted her. Stephanie McMahon congratulated on Cena’s victory last night at Payback pay per view event over Bray Wyatt. Cena thanked him and went on. He said that she was letting her personal emotions coming into the way of business. He said that Daniel Bryan was good and indeed was championship material. But he was afraid to submit the championship because he knew that he would not be given any more opportunities for the championship and he might also get eliminated from WWE. Cena supported Daniel Bryan’s decision on not handing over the championship. He said that no one was bigger than the WWE World Heavyweight championship. Stephanie McMahon said that Daniel Bryan was not bigger than the championship either and Daniel Bryan was not a fighting champion like John Cena was. Cena said neither Stephanie McMahon was bigger than the championship. He insulted her after that. Stephanie McMahon said that she did not care what he or the fans thought about her. She made a one on one match between John Cena and Kane and it was next. She said that Payback was a b*tch and so as her.

Match 3 – John Cena defeated Kane by disqualification. Kane did not listen to the referee and the referee rang the bell for the disqualification call. Kane kept assaulting on Cena after that. He attempted to tomb stone Pile Driver over the steel step but Cena escaped and hit Kane’s head on the steel post. He threw the steel step on Kane just like he did last night on Bray Wyatt. After Cena left the arena, Kane looked totally crazy.

Match 4 – Los Matadores defeated 3MB. It was a funny match, Hornswoogle came out in a wig which El Torito took away the wig to leave him bald.

Match 5 – Alicia Fox and Aksana defeated Nikki Bella in a two on one Handicap match. Alicia Fox pinned Nikki with the Scissors Kick. Brie Bella was scheduled to be Nikki Bella’s partner according to Michael Cole but as Brie was not a part of WWE anymore, Nikki had to compete alone. After the match, Alicia and Aksana assaulted on Nikki

Luke Harper and Eric Rowan appeared on the big screen. Luke Harper said that they would now take his (Bray Wyatt) position since he is not present.

Match 6 – Adam Rose defeated Jack Swagger.

Match 7 – The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper and Eric Rowan) defeated The Usos in a non-title match. Eric Rowan pinned Jey Uso with a side slam for the victory.

Match 8 – Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler by submission in the first Money in the Bank qualification match.

Match 9 – Rybaxel defeated Goldust and Sin Cara. Curtis Axel pinned Sin Cara with a face first.

A segment of Rusev which ended with the Russian national anthem

Main event – Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns was the main event of the show which never officially started. The Shield cut a promo on their victory last night. Evolution came out. Triple H said that they forgot there always a plan B. Seth Rollins shocked the world by assaulting Dean Ambrose with a steel chair. Rollins completely destroyed Ambrose and Reigns with the steel chair. Then he handed the chair over to Randy Orton, who went inside and destroyed Reigns with the chair. Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and Triple H stood still over the Shield as the show went off air.

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