Stephanie McMahon entered the arena first who did not seem to be in a very good mood. Stephanie started by saying last night WWE pay per view event Payback Daniel Bryan showed his true colours. He showed that he was a selfish little man who chose himself over what best for business over his wife and over all the fans, because Daniel Bryan did not do what was right and did not surrender the WWE World Heavyweight championship.

Fans needed a fighting champion, and deep down under Daniel Bryan knew that. His wife who put her hands on her few weeks ago, she should have been fired on the spot. If anyone put their hands on their he or she should have been terminated, but no, she showed leadership and gave them chance to do the right thing. And did she get for it, a slap in the face.

But that was okay, she was tough because he was a McMahon. She wondered if Daniel Bryan could look at his wife’s eyes to see her wife’s eyes to see her heart was getting broken. Seeing her dream shattered all because of his selfishness.

But it was enough about Brie Bella and enough about Daniel Bryan, it was something bigger person. It was about the WWE World Heavyweight champion. And therefore, in four weeks’ time, in the Money in the Bank pay per view, if Daniel Bryan can compete, he would be defending his WWE World Heavyweight championship against the Demon Kane in a Stretcher match if Daniel Bryan could not compete then for the first time in the history the Money in the Bank ladder match will be defended for the vacated WWE World Heavyweight championship.

John Cena came out to interrupt Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie did not seem to be very happy with the interference, but she brought a fake smile on her face. She congratulated John Cena for winning his last man standing match against Bray Wyatt at last night on the pay per view event.

John Cena thanked Stephanie McMahon and said after last night’s heart stopping fight, they were seeing the last of the feud. The fans chanted for CM Punk, and Cena listened to them. Cena said that he loved to hear the sound of the WWE Universe every week.

Now he said to Stephanie that her job was tough, she made a lot of tough choices, but what about listening to the WWE Universe now. Fans chanted ‘Let’s go Cena, Cena sucks’. Stephanie was about to say something and Cena interrupted him by saying WWE Universe was having a good time and let them have it because it was good for business.

But what was not good for business was the situation of the WWE World Heavyweight championship. He said that he was an employee and like everyone in the arena he was a fan of WWE. But he would like to talk as a champion, as a fourteen times World champion, who knew what it took to win a championship and to lose a championship, and what it felt to give away a championship. Just like Daniel Bryan he was injured and without any question he was forced to surrender the championship.

Stephanie McMahon said that because of he was a fighting champion and he knew what the right thing was. Cena said that Stephanie was right on the fact that the WWE Universe deserved to see a fighting champion and no one person was bigger than that championship. Stephanie McMahon said that he was right, Daniel Bryan was not bigger than the championship, Cena said that neither a spoiled, jealous, ego maniac named Stephanie McMahon.

John Cena said that she did not like Daniel Bryan and she did not want him as the champion. Cena said that Daniel Bryan was good, really good. And WWE Universe could cheer for whoever they wanted, but at the end of the day, it mattered to prove himself in the ring. And every time he performed in the ring, he proved that he was championship material.

Daniel Bryan defeated him at Madison Square Garden on SummerSlam and she took it from him. And every single time, he went closer to that championship, she took it from him. The reason Daniel Bryan was not submitting the championship was because he was afraid that he would not be given another chance for it, he might also be eliminated from the WWE.

Stephanie McMahon said that he could not leave in fear, and like he said Daniel Bryan was good, she also said it, he was good, he was a B+, but he was great. He was not a champion like John Cena. And he could not physically compete, he did not defend his title for over thirty days. And as a boss, he had to do what best for business was.

Cena said that his husband Triple H had had surgeries, he had surgeries. He said that the best for business was Business, her problem was she let her personal sentiments come into the way of it. Because of that she was becoming an embarrassment day by day.

Stephanie said that she did not care what he or the fans thought about her. What she cared about was creating opportunity. And she would like to give Cena an opportunity on that night. His opponent for the night would be the Demon Kane. Payback was a B*tch, and then so as she.


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