Stephanie McMahon came out to the arena. There was a big smile on her face which showed how happy she was. She grabbed a mic and started things off by saying earlier on the night, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H talked about that it would be night of choices. They also talked about how important it was to have an active WWE World Heavyweight champion. Before they proceed with who that right champion would be, they needed Daniel Bryan to do the right thing by surrendering the WWE World Heavyweight championship and she asked Daniel Bryan to come out to the arena and enter the ring to ‘do the right thing’.

Daniel Bryan’s music rang and the WWE World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan came out to the arena. Fans inside the arena greeted him with his signature yes chant.

Stephanie McMahon said that she felt really good to see him standing inside the ring and doing so well, it must had been a very long road of recovery. She said that that she could strip him from the WWE World Heavyweight championship but it was more important for the fans to hear it from him, and this was the right decision.

She said that he knew these people deserved an active champion, these people deserved epic championship matches and unforgettable moments, and Daniel Bryan just could not give it to them right now. Stephanie McMahon asked Daniel Bryan to surrender the WWE World Heavyweight championship for the fans.

Daniel Bryan said that becoming the WWE World Heavyweight champion at WrestleMania XXX was the payoff of years of hard work and sacrifice. But Stephanie had a point, his neck injury was worse than they thought.

It was all because of a man or a demon whom Stephanie said that she had no control over. But on the same night everyone saw she was a liar when Stephanie McMahon ordered Kane to destroy Brad Maddox.

Stephanie McMahon said that no one was lying about your condition. Daniel Bryan said that because of that reason there was no shame of handing over the championship, heeling, coming back stronger and becoming the champion again.

Stephanie McMahon said that he was right, there was no shame. She guarantied him that as soon as he would be well he would be given an instant title opportunity.

Daniel Bryan said that these people deserved an awesome champion so there was no shame in handing it over. But she tried to put this on him. She tried to strip him ever since he defeated her husband at WrestleMania XXX. She was not doing this for the fans, she was doing this for herself. So handing the title over would not be justified for him and he said ‘No’.

Stephanie McMahon tried to manipulate him more. She said she could take everything from him but two weeks ago when Daniel was in the ambulance his wife Brie put her hands on her, she showed the footage.

She said that she was the boss of both of them. She gave Daniel Bryan one more chance of doing the right thing, as she announced this Sunday at the Payback pay per view event, he had to decide either he surrendered the title or she took action against his wife and make sure she was fired. Stephanie McMahon left the ring with an evil smile on her face.


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