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This week’s RAW started as RK-Bro came out to the arena. No footage from the main event of last week was shown this week before starting the show. This happened after quite a long time. RK-Bro came out and entered the ring.

Riddle talked some funny gibberish before Randy Orton came to the main point. It was about their recent rivalry with the American Alpha. He talked about his match with Chad Gable from last week where he defeated Gable. And he attempted to hit the RKO on Otis but failed.

RAW. Image Credits: Twitter

WWE RAW 27.12.2021 Results & Ratings

Alpha Academy came out to the arena. Chad Gable cut a heel promo where he talked about how great Otis was and he said Randy Orton could not beat him. Riddle challenged Chad Gable in a match and it was gone. The segment was too long and it was boring.

Match 1 – Riddle defeated Chad Gable

It was a predictable outcome. The match was booked for four minutes and in a short amount of time the duo put up a good match. Riddle pinned Gable with a Corkscrew Moonsault.

Match 2 – Randy Orton defeated Otis

This match was even shorter. It was booked for only three minutes. It was also quite predictable. Orton would not lose to Otis at least. Orton pinned Otis with the RKO

The footage from last week’s main event was finally shown where Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins teamed up to beat down Bobby Lashley and Big E. The dominance of Bobby Lashley was also a matter of subject in this video.

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Match 3 – Dana Brooke and Reggie defeated Tamina and R Truth

We got to see a mixed tag team match after quite a long time on Monday Night RAW. About the match, it was totally meaningless. It should have been a WWE 24/7 championship match. Reggie pinned Truth with a rollup.

Match 4 – The Street Profits defeated The Mysterios to become the number one contenders for the WWE Raw Tag Team titles

The match was quite fun to watch. It was booked for nearly nine minutes and both of the teams were really fantastic. Montez Ford at the end pinned Dominic Mysterio after a Double Electric Chair Drop.

AJ Styles came out to the arena. He talked about the incident from last week where his team with Omos was finally over. They were scheduled to face each other in a match tonight but for some unknown reason, Omos was absent and the match has been called off.

Grayson Waller was in the stand whom AJ brought inside the ring. Their feud got a little lighted up here. Apollo Crews came out and challenged AJ in a match on behalf of Commander Azeez and the match was on.

RAW. Image Credits: Twitter

Match 5 – AJ Styles defeated Apollo Crews

It was Azeez who made the challenge and Apollo faced AJ. What is going on in WWE? Why is there so much confusion? The match was booked for eight minutes and it was an easy victory for AJ who pinned Apollo with the Styles Clash. It was slightly botched though.

Kevin Owens cam came out to the arena. He was the only man present from the fatal 4 way that would be taking place at Day 1. He tried his best to keep the hype for Day 1. MVP interfered and spoke on behalf of Bobby Lashley. Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin and the conversation ended up in a match between Cedric and Owens.

Match 6 – Kevin Owens defeated Cedric Alexander

It was an easy win for Owens. In a short period of time, they presented a good match. It was booked for three minutes and Owens pinned Cedric with the Stunner. After the match, Shelton Benjamin was about to say something but Owens nailed him with a Stunner as well.

RAW. Image Credits: Twitter

Match 7 – WWE United States Championship – Dolph Ziggler defeated Damian Priest by DQ, Priest retained

The match was booked for 7 minutes and it was arguably the best match of the night. The match was fun to watch. But once again, the anger issues of Priest killed this match. After Priest got disqualified, he beat down Ziggler.

Next up was the wedding ceremony of The Miz and Maryse. It went on just like everybody expected it to be. One of the best parts of the segment was Eric Bischoff was the host of this wedding. It was going well before Edge made his interference, as expected. And he gave them a Brood Bath after the Brood theme got played. It was the best part of the night, the Brood theme and the Brood bath. Edge stood tall this week’s RAW went off air.

Arguably this was the worst week of Monday night RAW this year. It was so bad that it was extremely difficult to watch the whole show. But we cannot blame the WWE for it totally. Once again the covid-19 pandemic is causing terrible shows. Not only it was the worst show of the Year but one of the worst go-home shows before any pay per view event as well. We give it 1 star out of 5.

Sportzwiki Ratings – 1/5