Dean Ambrose came out to the arena. Ambrose brought a table from under the ring and place it inside the ring and put the contract over it. He took a mic and started things off. He told those who had been looking for him earlier he was concession stand for the whole time. He said that he did not like the way the authority run their merchandise stand. So he announced a Dean Ambrose sale for the night. He brought a bag with himself and he took a lot of WWE merchandise from inside the bag.

He said that everything must go, then he pointed the Money in Bank briefcase and said that everything this of course because this was priceless and he looked through this he founded some personal Seth Rollins idols. When they were in the Shield they were like brothers, and he never thought Seth Rollins had such a side. Now he could understand why he wanted this bag so much.

Now he went towards his sell. He picked up a T Shirt and said that its price tag said that its price was $19.99, but he said that he was not an expensive man, so he would like hear some bidding from one dollar. Then he picked up a John Cena T Shirt and talked about it, he also picked up a Sheamus T Shirt.

Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble came out t get Dean Ambrose. Dean Ambrose mocked them and said that they sent the Cruiser weight division to get him. They wanted Dean Ambrose to throw the briefcase to them. Dean said that it was very valuable, he could not throw it them. Dean told them that if they wanted go through him they had to be so intimidated. Dean said that they wanted this briefcase and that was fine, he wanted them to go inside the ring and get the briefcase.

Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury left the ring and escaped the arena. After they left, Dean went towards the merchandise again and asked the fans if they wanted them for free. He picked the T shirts and threw it to the fans. He kept picking up the T shirts one by one and kept throwing them to the crowd. JBL said an amazing thing regarding this, ‘is he a freaking Robin Hood?’

After Ambrose was over with his crazy merchandise giving away stuff, Seth Rollins came out along with Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury. Seth brought some security guards too. Dean made fun of the security. Then he asked the security to take briefcase and he had no problems with it. Dean went out of the ring. Seth slowly climbed the stairs as Dean entered the crowd and kept saying he was sorry. Seth entered the ring and took the briefcase. As Seth entered the briefcase, something like green mist was sprayed all over his face. Dean smiled and said he was sorry for it. Seth went crazy and tried to say that it was not funny. He left the arena slowly with the security. Dean remained in the crowd.


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