The fans were asked to choose the opponent of the director of operations Kane on the poll given in the app. The options were the three members of the Shield; Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. 80 percent of the voted for Roman Reigns when 11 percent voted for Seth Rollins and only 9 voted for the United States Champion Dean Ambrose.

Roman Reigns came out to the ring first. The other two members of the Shield were not with him. He came out all alone. Then came the Director Operations Kane. The New Age Outlaws were not with him either as The Big Red machine also came alone.

The match started as both superstars grappled each other. Kane pulled Roman Reigns to the nearby turn buckle. The referee asked Kane to leave Reigns as they were on the ropes. Kane left him and attempted for punches but Reigns dummied the move and attacked Kane with random punches. He quickly ran towards the opposite corner, and he came running towards Kane for a running move, but the Big Red machine came out to be heavier as he nailed Reigns with a boot to the face.

Kane picked him up and connected a number of punches and upper cuts. Roman Reigns went towards a turn buckle. Kane punched him a couple of times then he threw to the ropes, as he came back Kane grounded with an elbow first. Kane attempted a cover which Reigns kicked out easily in one count. Kane picked him up and threw him towards the nearby turn buckle, Kane ran towards him and connected a clothesline. As Reigns came out of the turn buckle Kane grounded him with a side walk slam.

Kane got prepared for the Choke Slam, as Reigns turned to him he choked him. Reigns pushed Kane’s hand away and kicked to his groin. He unloaded back to back punches on Kane. Kane somehow threw him to ropes, as he came back Kane attempted for a clothesline and nailed Kane with a jumping clothesline. He connected a number of punches and kicks on Kane which forced the WWE DOO to lie on the rope. Reigns went outside the ring and kicked Kane on his head.

Reigns was getting prepared for the Spear as the Outlaws were seen coming out. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins attacked the Outlaws before they could go inside the ring. Kane attempted for a clothesline on Reigns which Reigns dummied and nailed Kane with an elbow strike. The other two Shield members attacked Kane along with Reigns as Kane won the by Disqualification. The three of them were about to hit a triple power bomb on Kane but the Outlaws pulled him out to save him.


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