Rusev and Lana came out to the arena. Lana said that the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Rogozin tweeted a photo on Twitter by giving two pictures, on one side Rogozin playing with a Leopard and Barrack Obama on the other side standing with a pup, with a quotation on the pic; ‘We Have Different Values and Allies’. She said that it was the birthday of United States of America’s president Barrack Obama’s birthday so she would like to sing for him in Russian. And she sang something in Russian in the tone of Happy Birthday.

The Real Americans Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter interrupted them. Zeb Colter told Lana to shut up. He said that he was so sick and tired of hearing her voice. He was also sick and tired of hearing the name of Vladimir Putin, he was sick and tired of hearing about Mother Russia. And he was sick and tired of hearing about Rusev crush. He said that Lana and Rusev had no idea on what was going to happen to them, because Jack Swagger was going to fight for the American Flag and would be defending its honor. But Rusev would be fighting against every real American in the world. He wanted to show the people that jack Swagger was representing. He was representing guys like Nick, and a photo of a builder was shown. Colter continued that the the guy worked hard every day for his kids, that was whom Swagger was fighting for. He was fighting for Megan, a photo a lady was shown on the giant screen, who worked 60 hours a week, that was whom he was representing. And he was fighting for the US Army, who were fighting for the country day and night. Fans started chanting ‘USA’.

Zeb Colter continued as he said that he could clearly see the American flag waving in glory at Summerslam and the only that was going to get crushed at Summerslam was Lana’s ego. After that he wanted all the real Americans to rise and put their hands on the hearts to say loudly ‘We, the people’. The fans chanted ‘USA’ really loud. Rusev pretended to leave the ring and suddenly he attacked Swagger with the Russian Flag. He kept beating Swagger badly with the Russian flag. He knocked Swagger out with the flag stick. He attempted to beat Zeb Colter after that but prevented him.



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