These two athletes met each other at Extreme Rules which also included Jack Swagger, Cesaro won the triple threat elimination match. On Monday Night Raw, Cesaro and Rob Van Dam faced each other in a one on one match. Rob Van Dam entered the arena first followed by Cesaro who came out with his manager Paul Heyman.

The bell rang and both superstars grappled each other. Van Dam proved to be the better man as he came out as the stronger grappler. Cesaro quickly tried to get the control with the shoulder block and attempted to finish things off with a quick pin Van Dam easily kicked out. Cesaro used a neck lock, Van Dam took himself away from it and Cesaro capitalized with a back breaker.

Cesaro dragged Van Dam towards the nearby turn buckle and tried to hit a face first, Van Dam kicked Cesaro on his head and hit a Van Daminator. As Cesaro went near to a rope and lied down, Van Dam struck Rolling Thunder. Cesaro went outside of the ring.

Cesaro stood on the apron, as Van Dam went near to him, Cesaro hit a rope choke on Van Dam. Cesaro got the control in his hand and he started punishing Van Dam with various moves. Van Dam capitalized quickly as he forced Cesaro out of the ring and jumped on him. As Cesaro stood up, he hit another moonsault.

Van Dam picked Cesaro back in the ring and tried to pin him with a diving leg drop, but Cesaro kicked out. Cesaro capitalized quickly with a head first on the turn buckle. As Cesaro got the control of the match this time, he dominated Van Dam with various moves for quite a long time.

Van Dam had been badly punished by Cesaro for over five minutes. Cesaro kept hitting upper cuts and other different moves, but Van Dam kept frustrating Cesaro by kicking out every pin fall attempt Cesaro made.

Cesaro showed his worth by hitting three back to back reversed back drops on Van Dam (might remind you of Kurt Angle’s German Suplexes). As he attempted a pin fall, Van Dam kicked out.

Van Dam tried to capitalize with a monkey flip but Cesaro pushed him away. Cesaro attempted to clothesline Van Dam on the turn buckle, Van Dam blocked it with an elbow strike. As he attempted a Van Daminator, Cesaro blocked him and Van Dam hands by his leg on the turn buckle.

Cesaro kept beating Van Dam on that position, Van Dam could not get out of it. Cesaro went outside of the ring and kept punching on his head. Referee warned Cesaro to stop, but Cesaro did not. Referee counted five and disqualified Cesaro.

Van Dam won the match by disqualification. Cesaro did not stop even after the end of the match, Paul Heyman stopped him and took him away.


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