A super promo on the life of Daniel Bryan was shown. After that, the new WWE World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan arrived into the arena. The fans broke into yes chants.

Fans chanted the name of Daniel Bryan which made Bryan really glad. He took real time to enjoy the chant. Bryan said these fans never got tired and laughed. The fans chanted no in unison. Daniel Bryan mocked and said it is difficult to chant yes by throwing the hands (as he uses to do during the yes chant) while holding two titles. But he would like to do it one more time but then he would need to give his shoulders a break and he gestured his hands in yes movement.

Bryan said that it seemed funny to him because he started doing this two years ago and now the entire WWE universe was united with one word and that word was yes. The fans chanted in unison ‘you deserved it’. Bryan said that he deserved it a little bit but the fans deserved it more than anything. Because it was not just a hand gesture neither it was about positive thinking nor it was not about anything of them. It was about the power that each and every one of them had in themselves and because of the fans, because of the power of the fans last night Daniel Bryan went in to WrestleMania XXX he defeated the authority and he also earned the biggest prize of the industry WWE World Heavyweight championship.

The fans along with Daniel Bryan started chanting yes as they were interfered by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. They came to the arena and stood on the apron of the ring. The fans started chanting ‘a**hole’. Triple H said that he did not want to go inside the ring because he did not want to do something to him that would make to feel him regretful. Daniel Bryan mocked him and stood face to face with Triple H and started chanting yes by holding both championships in his hands just to provoke him.

Triple H asked Daniel Bryan to enjoy his moment because he said it would not be lasting for long. In fact, it would not last for that night and he was going to personally make sure that, because on that night he is going to defend to the WWE World Heavyweight championship against him; Triple H. And Triple H would not only become the fourteen times world champion he would shut everyone up. This was his show and there was not a damn thing he could do about it. Triple H left the ring and Daniel Bryan chanted yes.


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