The Wyatt came into the arena first after Bray Wyatt cut a small promo on John Cena. The WWE Intercontinental champion Big E arrived followed by the former World champion Sheamus and John Cena.

John Cena, Sheamus and Big E went straight ahead to fight with Wyatt Family before the bell could ring. They threw o Luke Harper and Eric Rowan out of the ring and John Cena and Bray Wyatt kicked things off as the bell rang. John Cena was in the control of the game but Wyatt soon got it in his own hands as he hit a solid uppercut on Cena. But Wyatt could not keep it for long as Cena got back into it and he made the tag to Sheamus.

Sheamus got into the ring and started punishing Wyatt. Wyatt soon got back into it and he made the tag to Eric Rowan. (Shocking to see the fans kept cheering for the Wyatt family and booed the face team). Rowan could not keep the control in his own hand as Sheamus got it as soon as Rowan entered the ring. Rowan tried to get back in it but Sheamus proved to be too strong for him.

Tag made to Big E who hit Rowan with a shoulder block on the turn buckle. Big E hit three back to back lifted back breakers on Rowan and attempted a pin which Rowan kicked out.

Rowan quickly made the tag to Luke Harper who was grounded by Big E with a shoulder block as soon as he entered the ring. Big E made the tag to John Cena and hit his back drop on Harper. He hit five knuckle shuffle on Luke Harper and attempted the attitude adjustment which Harper prevented and hit a superb face first on Cena. Harper attempted a pin on Cena which he kicked out.

The Wyatt family kept dominating John Cena who was failing to make a tag. Cena tried to reverse Harper’s neck lock with his finisher maneuver which Harper turned into a DDT. The punishment continued on Cena by the three members of the Wyatt family.

After a long punishment, Cena was able to push Harper away and made the tag to Sheamus and he went straight towards Eric Rowan who was the legal man of that match. Sheamus grounded Rowan with an Oklahoma slam after a number of moves. Luke Harper came out to save Rowan and Sheamus hit a rolling Senton on Harper right into the chest of Rowan.

Sheamus climbed the top of the turn buckle, and nailed both Rowan and Harper with double fists. Sheamus mocked Bray Wyatt and got prepared for the Brogue kick, Bray created the distraction, and Rowan took the advantage as he hit a clothesline on Sheamus,

Sheamus made the tag to Big E and Rowan made the tag to bray Wyatt. Big E was in control who kept hitting back to back clotheslines and other moves. Big E was getting prepared for the big ending and Luke Harper came with a kick to the jaw. Harper and Rowan took out Cena and Sheamus. Bray Wyatt pinned Big E with Sister Abigail finishing maneuver.


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