WWE COO Triple H and one of the principal owners of WWE Stephanie McMahon entered the arena as the show started. Triple H started things off first by saying; ‘It’s a good night to be right’. Stephanie McMahon continued after a smile by saying that as the authority sometimes they had the honor privilege to make blockbuster announcements and that night happened to be one of those nights. They were all been hanging in the balance with WWE World Heavyweight championship situation, but they have got the results that night.

Stephanie McMahon cleared things that they were going to hear the condition of Daniel Bryan from the person who made the surgery on the champion. Doctor Joseph Maroon appeared on the big screen that said that Daniel Bryan should not compete in the ring so soon because of his current physical status but he can make his return soon.

Stephanie McMahon said that Daniel Bryan would not be able to perform in Money in the Bank Ladder match. As the fans booed Stephanie said that they should not expect an A+ recovery from a B+ player. Triple H said that they could not blame them. It was WWE and it was business and what best for business was having a champion who could actually defend his championship, something that the beloved superstar of the fans Daniel Bryan could not do.

Therefore, Stephanie McMahon announced that they were officially stripping Daniel Bryan from the WWE World Heavyweight championship. The fans booed and chanted No. Stephanie said that they were bound to do this, which she clearly stated last week if Daniel Bryan could not perform he had to be stripped from the championship.

Stephanie McMahon showed condolence to Daniel Bryan and his ‘ungrateful’ wife Brie Bella as well. But the show must go on for everyone else, therefore, Stephanie McMahon announced that there will be a first time ever Money in the Bank ladder match for the WWE World Heavyweight championship, and the participants of the match would be decided via a series of qualifying matches, the first of which actually took place on Smackdown, therefore the first entrance of the Ladder match would be Alberto Del Rio.

The second person did not need to compete in any qualifying match according to Triple H, and he was the Viper Randy Orton. Triple H guarantied the fans that at Money in the Bank they would crown a new WWE World Heavyweight champion. He continued by saying that everybody tried to claim themselves right about Daniel Bryan after WrestleMania, but now, it had been proved that the authority was right the whole time; Daniel Bryan was not a WWE World Heavyweight championship material. Stephanie McMahon added; ‘And he proved it’.

Triple H continued by saying that the matter of fact that he was not event here on the building on that night. Triple H then mocked the fans of Shield who were really happy about the victory of the Shield over Evolution twice. He said that Seth Rollins adapted, and on the other hand, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose perished. He pointed to the big screen where they showed what actually happened last week on Monday Night Raw. Batista demanded a WWE World Heavyweight championship match and he were denied so he decided to quit. Then Triple H announced a one on one match between Randy Orton and Roman Reigns later for the night. For the match, The Shield entered the arena first and talked about their heart stopping victory over the Evolution at the Payback pay per view event. Randy Orton came out after that along with Triple H who brought a Sledge Hammer with him. Seth Rollins smelled the danger and took a chair for the safety reasons. Triple H said that they did not figure it out yet that what he did better than anybody was adapt, last night it was plan A, but there always was a plan B, so on that night, it was the time for the plan B. Seth Rollins shocked the world when he attacked his own buddies with the chair. He first attacked Roman Reigns, and he did not let Dean Ambrose recover from the shock as he attacked him too. He totally nailed Dean Ambrose with the chair and then he handed the chair over to Randy Orton who nailed Roman Reigns with the chair. Randy Orton and Triple H celebrated with Seth Rollins as the other two Shield members Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns lied out cold. Triple H said that the end that he won, always.

After the footage, Triple H said that he did not about the fans but he believed in Seth Rollins. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins would be facing the Wyatt Family in a six man tag team match, and they were given their opportunity to select their partner. But he was afraid that he might not find any so it would look more like a handicap match. Seth Rollins adapted last week, and on that night it was the time to perish for Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Triple H’s music rang and they left the arena. The two championships were shown hanging high above the ring as the signature of the money in the bank ladder match at the pay per view event for the vacated WWE World Heavyweight championship.



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