So here it is, the ‘Superstar Shakeup’ week. Superstar shakeup; the replacement of WWE draft which took place a little too early, just two weeks after WrestleMania 33.

Some superstars from Smackdown joined Raw this week and some superstars from Raw will join Smackdown.

The presentation of ‘the Superstar Shake Up’ was really bad. We could guess that it would not be anything like the draft lottery that used to take place during the previous brand split era.

But we hoped something similar to last year where superstars had been chosen by the general managers and commissioners of the show. Similar to the first ever draft in 2002.

But no such thing happened. The draft scenario was really poor. Picks were already decided. For the first time, the draft lottery did not take place live. They were all pre-decided and just ben revealed during the progress.

A total of 12 superstars had been drafted to Raw. There were three main eventers among them. The Miz can be considered as a main eventer. He should be treated as one. He showed his class at Smackdown, hopefully, he gets the proper treatment at Raw too.

But the match he had against Sami this week was a bad look for him. Losing to Sami is not a bad thing but the way he lost was certainly not good. We hope Raw do not bury him.

Intercontinental champion Dean Ambrose had been drafted to Raw as well. It means Kevin Owens will be going to Smackdown. What is up there for Dean at Raw? Maybe he continues his unfinished Smackdown feud with Dean Ambrose? It would not be a bad choice.

Bray Wyatt has also been drafted to Raw. Bray is scheduled for a rematch against Randy Orton for the WWE championship. Putting Bray to Raw made things really predictable. Same goes for Kevin Owens vs. Chris Jericho match at payback.

Some jobbers have also been drafted to Raw like Apollo Crews, Kalisto and Curt Hawkins. The only man that got the profit among them is Kalisto, now he can join the 205 Live division. Heath Slater and Rhyno also got drafted to Raw. They were treated as jobbers at Smackdown, hopefully, they will get sometimes at RAW.

For the women section, Alexa Bliss and Mickie James got drafted to Raw. Alexa Bliss’ draft was predictable and it should have happened. But Mickie James should have stayed on Smackdown. Instead, they could have some drafted a new talent like Carmella.

Maybe Charlotte is going to Smackdown in place of Alexa, and it has to be done.

“The drifter” Elias Samson was also seen who finally left NXT for the main roster. So the Drifter joined Raw. A good boost for the mid card division of Raw.

For the matches, there are not much to talk about, even though there were a total of seven matches. None of the matches were outstanding. The last match was a champion vs. champion match where the IC champion took on the US champion Kevin Owens. This match was good. Other matches were just average.

Final Verdict – Overall, the show was really exciting. There was a huge excitement during the show where ‘who will come to Raw’ was a big factor. The biggest shock was AJ Styles not joining Raw. We all thought AJ Styles will be joining Raw and this is why all the scenario is created. Even Dave Meltzer reported it. So it is a great news for the Smackdown Live fans. Now, the question is, which superstars will leave Raw to join the blue brand tomorrow?

Sportzwiki Ratings – 4/5


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