Last week’s Raw was a good show compared to a number of previous weeks. With the return of the Undertaker, the much awaited Kevin Owens – Chris Jericho promo war, Goldberg getting some pounds for the first time since his return, it was a good show indeed.

So what is there to expect from week’s episode of Monday Night Raw? Let us have a close look;

We think Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho should not fight before WrestleMania in any type of match, not even tag team action. Instead of fighting physically, they should get involved in more promo wars. Kevin Owens is seriously improving on the mic and he is doing a fabulous job for a past number of weeks. The United States championship should also be highlighted a little bit. They are just focusing on the feud, and not on the title.

A continuation of Goldberg – Brock Lesnar feud is expected. But in this case, only promos are not working, we cannot remember the last time Lesnar had a match on Raw, and for Goldberg, he can have squash matches on Raw, just outlasting some jobbers would not be a big deal, but he needs to have some matches before WrestleMania.

We need to hear from Roman Reigns by this week too. Undertaker made a challenge to Roman for WrestleMania last week, Roman’s response this week would be really interesting to watch.

WWE needs to give Braun Strowman some better booking too. With Roman going against the Undertaker Braun is now unbooked, and with WrestleMania knocking on the door, Raw needs to give some legit for the only wrestler they built.

Moving on to the Women’s feud, with Bayley, Charlotte and Sasha Banks being booked for the Raw Women’s championship in a triple threat match for WrestleMania, there is one woman who is out of frame; that is Nia Jax. This is really a poor piece of booking from Monday Night Raw. This is where they need to learn from Smackdown, they gave every woman sometime and legit booking where Raw cannot think beyond their obvious names. They should Nia Jax in some greater booking for WrestleMania, her momentum should not be wasted like this.

Last week on Smackdown, Mojo Rowley and Apollo Crews entered their names into the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal, it’s time for Raw to put some names into the match. The match is going to be a 20 man match with eight or nine wrestlers from each show and three – four wrestlers from the NXT. So it is high time for Raw to put some names for this match.


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