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Eyeing a huge win against the WWE Hall of Famer Edge, The Miz escalated the ongoing feud on this week’s Raw. Apparently, he wanted himself to be inducted into the most prestigious club of professional wrestling in an attempt to upstage Edge. However, things ended in a bad way for him.

Maryse welcomed the fans on this week’s Raw to a special edition of Miz TV because she’s hosting the show. She mentioned herself as a real woman and The Miz as a real man who also appears to be her husband. She introduces The A-Lister to the ring, calling him the father of her children and the most awesome human on the planet.

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WWE Raw: The Miz Wants To Be Inducted To Hall Of Fame 2022; Maryse Slaps Him 1

The Miz mentioned how he should be in the 2022 WWE Hall of Fame headliner. He went on about how this person truly deserves the endorsement due to his accomplishments in and out of the ring. He then also presented their official endorsement for the next inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame via a special video package.

The Miz’s trick backfired on Raw

It took us through The Miz’s journey in and out of the WWE ring. Maryse was in tears as the Hall of Fame theme song played after the video. The IT couple then raised a toast as Miz planned to retire Edge permanently at WWE Day 1. This was the point when the music hit the arena and out came The Rated-R Superstar.

Edge promised to stop that stupid constipated look off The Miz’s face as the latter tossed champagne in Edge’s face and attacked him. Edge fought back and planted him with the Edgecution DDT.

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WWE Raw: The Miz Wants To Be Inducted To Hall Of Fame 2022; Maryse Slaps Him 2


Edge tossed the chairs and table from the ring and charged into the corner for a spear when Miz pulled Maryse over, using her as a shield. Edge stopped to save Maryse as The Miz then took advantage and dropped Edge with a Skull Crushing Finale.

The boos got louder as Miz stood tall with Maryse but she’s not happy. They argue over how he tried to sacrifice her, but he went on about how they’re a team. Maryse then surprise the fans as she slapped The Miz in the face and stormed out of the ring as he chased after her. There’s no update at this point on how this happening will impact Edge vs. Miz at WWE Day 1.

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