WWE Royal Rumble Match 2015 analysis

Jeet / 31 January 2015

The Royal Rumble match of 2015 had the potential to become one of the best Royal Rumbles in the history, but due to an awful performance from the creative team it became one of the worst. The crowd of Philadelphia that night was amazing, they were so lively, but we take pity how the creative team killed the spirit of the crowd;

Why it is one of the worst Royal Rumble matches ever –

Daniel Bryan’s early elimination – Undoubtedly, it was the worst decision to eliminate Daniel Bryan early. I have no idea why they made such a nonsense decision to eliminate Bryan early. Daniel Bryan is THE MOST POPULAR SUPERSTAR in the current WWE roster, we do not know if the creative team is too stupid to understand this simple fact. Daniel Bryan should have survived at least till the final six.

Overhyped Rusev – For some reason WWE decided to push Rusev. It is really confusing why, we could never see if there is a large fan base of Rusev, neither he sells huge merchandise. Everyone can clearly see that Rusev has no future in WWE. Every time he steps foot into the ring, he reminds us of Vladimir Kozlov and Umaga. If you think Rusev has good wrestling skill, so does Jack Swagger and Cesaro. And trust me, even R Truth is a better entertainer than Rusev. So this push for Rusev is absolutely nonsense.

Dolph Ziggler’s booking – After Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler is the other famous superstar among the fans. Using Ziggler as the 30th entry is a hideous decision. They should have let him enter a little early. No issues with how he was eliminated, but he should have performed a little longer.

Climax – Not talking about the Rock’s entrance though. We are talking about the match actually ended. Rusev as the final superstar to be eliminated was one of the worst decisions of the night. Rock coming out to help out Reigns was a good thing, but it should not have been how it was. He should have come out after the end of the match, which would have been the best thing.

How it could be one of the best Royal Rumble matches ever –

As we said earlier, Royal Rumble match of 2015 had the potential become one of the best Royal Rumble matches ever, now we are going to light up the points to prove it;

The Beginning – Another bad thing about this match was; they never utilized any of the running feuds in this match. The best way to start things off would have been Daniel Bryan as the entry no 1 and Kane as the entry no 2. Bryan and Kane’s feud is quite heated up in the recent days, it could have made an excellent start of the match. A number of undercards would enter who would eliminated by the two. Bryan and Kane could work as a team for a while too, something that would entertain the fans very much as well. It could also begin with Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt as the first two entrants. As we said, if the first two superstars already had a rivalry between the two, things could turn much more interesting. It never came down to any past big rivalry either. Last year’s Royal Rumble was bad as well, but in that one, they highlighted the much anticipated feud between the Wyatt Family and the Shield. Such a thing never happened in this year’s Royal Rumble. We still would not say the match was bad from the very beginning, it was good, but the way we said, it could be way better.

More surprise entrants – This year’s biggest surprise entrant was Bubba Ray Dudley. Boogeyman’s entrance was surprising too but nothing comparing Bubba Ray Dudley’s one. Diamond Dallas Page was the only legend entrant of the match, but it was not much of a surprising one. It was already been aired on the media reports that Diamond Dallas page would be surprise entrant. We are not saying that surprise entrants are needed to be made to make things interesting, in 2001, there were only three surprise entrants (just like this year) and it went on being one of the best. But this year things were different, a number of more surprise entrants could make things a little better.

Final six and Final Two – Big Show and Kane combined as the dominant force was a very good idea, but the final six athletes of the match had to be different. It should have been Roman Reigns, Kane, Big Show, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler and of course Daniel Bryan. And then it should have come down to either Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan or Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Something that fans would go completely crazy watch. Even after Bryan’s early elimination, things could be well arranged if Dean Ambrose or Dolph Ziggler was the athlete to be eliminated by Reigns. But the fight between the final two wrestlers had to go for at least three – four minutes.

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