A fourth member is coming to the Club. Guess who is it?

WWE Rumor: Fourth member coming for the Club

The former Bullet Club fans who were not-so-impressed with their ‘not-so-strong’ debut in WWE and not forming the ally as expected, might have been happy over the past two weeks after seeing their strong booking since Extreme Rule pay-per-view. With The Club interfering in the championship matches in favor of Styles, his heel turn was evident and that’s the exact thing happened on the Memorial Day edition of Raw, the night when Styles turned on Cena and gave a brutal beat-down.
As the put-down task of “The Guy” is over now, more successive weeks is to follow with The Club, now. It was previously reported that Vince McMahon is impressed by Styles’ performance, so much so that he will be pushed towards a title run in just months to come. The fans are always on their feet for Styles all the time and WWE especially considered his merchandise sales which are on a good roll since the beginning.

Dailywrestlingnews.com suggests that WWE Creative is thinking about strengthen The Club by providing a fourth member to them. Now, the question stands is who will be The One? Can it be Shinsuke Nakamura or Samoa Joe? It may turn out to be the former NXT champion Finn Balor since he was a part of the group back in Japan. Another rumor suggests what will be the fate of The Club after the WWE Draft. Will WWE take a huge risk by separating them? There’s no concrete new, as of now.
It was also reported that alongside Cena, AJ Styles will be the other one who is supposed to be the marquee attraction for Smackdown. Smackdown will get its own world championship like the previous World Heavyweight Championship. Cena and Styles will fight it out for the divided belt on WWE Smackdown and probably Styles is the one to capture it for the first time. If Styles stays on Raw, he will get back on the title hunt by interfering in the upcoming championship matches but first, The Club has to get it done against John Cena.