The WWE draft is one of the most exciting days of the year for fans. Every year, WWE used to organize the draft since 2002. However, there was no draft in 2003.

After 2011, the draft lottery has been scrapped since the brand split era was gone.

But WWE split the brands again last year and now we have got two separate shows with a separate roster.

WWE will organize the draft lottery in 2017 too. In this draft, a number of WWE superstars the brands of several superstars will be changed. Some Raw superstars will leave Raw for Smackdown, and some Smackdown superstars will join Raw.

This draft, however, will not be similar to the one that took place last year. The draft last year was the brand split draft where the owners of each show could draft their desired superstar to their brands. The first ever draft that took place in 2002 was totally same as last year.

But the next draft will be different. In this, owners cannot ask for anyone they want. It will be more like a lottery. There will be chits containing the name of all superstars, owners will pick one at a time, they can get Dean Ambrose, and they can also get James Ellsworth.

The draft lottery is a scripted programme just like the WWE’s other events too. So who are changing brands?

According to PWInsider, Roman Reigns will be one of the major draft picks of Smackdown from Raw in 2017 draft.

It has been learnt AJ Styles will leave Smackdown for Raw after WrestleMania 33 and Shinsuke Nakamura will fill his spot. With the addition of the ‘Big Dogg’, it will be a huge deal for Smackdown.


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