WWE Slammy Awards 8/12/14 – Recap Part 2

Jeet / 09 December 2014

continued from part 1…

Backstage Jimmy Uso met his wife Naomi. Jimmy said that Slammy Award was the second he had ever won, Naomi asked what was first thing, Jimmy answered that marrying Naomi was the best thing he ever did. Naomi said that she heard from Miz’s agent. Jimmy said that it was all mind games played by Miz. Naomi said that she did not care Miz, she cared about herself. So she was going to Hollywood, it was best for her career. Jimmy said that she was going to Hollywood, he was also going with her because he did not believe Miz. Naomi asked Jimmy if he did not trust her, if he did not think she was not talented. Jimmy said that he was not saying that, he was saying that Miz was playing mind games because they were oon their games. Naomi said that so did she and she left.

Slammy Award for the LOL moment of the year –
Hosted by – Adam Rose
Nominees –
Mr. T loves his momma – Mr. R addressed his mother on the Hall of Fame
Wee-L-C – Wee-L-C match between El Torito vs. Hornswoogle
The Stunt Double – Damien Mizdow as the Stunt Double of the Miz
Princess Pudding – Vickie Guerrero threw Stephanie McMahon on the mudhole

Winner – Damien Mizdow as the Stunt Double of the Miz. Miz took the Slammy on behalf Mizdow and took the credit of the Slamm. He said that he always made the fans happy because he was an actor. The fans chanted ‘We Want Mizdow.’ The Miz replied they wanted Miz ‘Now’ they got Miz now. He said that he could not win this Slammy without the one and he needed to thank the one for the Slammy who rightly deserved it. He looked at Mizdow as he was going to give the credit to him, he said that someone who had truly been there for him since day one and it was the ‘The Moneymaker.’ He thanked the fans and said that he loved them all.

Lana and WWE United States champion Rusev came out to the arena. Lana said that the real LOL moment of the year was something different, it started with American economy, followed by the president of USA Barack Obama. She said that her personal favorite was all these real Americans. That was an LOL moment. Jack Swagger came out to the arena. Swagger said that in USA there was an old saying, ‘What goes around, comes around.’ Since Rusev broke Zeb Colter’s leg Swagger was going to stab Rusev’s ankle. Swagger went inside and attacked Rusev. The fight went on for a while where Swagger looked to be the stronger one. The officials had to come out to stop the two.

Slammy Award winners as voted on WWE.com –
Faction of the Year – The Shield
Rivalry of the year – Daniel Bryan vs. The Authority
Raw Guest Star of the Year – Huge Jackman
Best Twitter Handle – @HeelZiggler (Dolph Ziggler)
Best Couple of the Year – Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

Match 5 – The Usos and Ryback defeated Kane and the WWE Tag Team champions The Miz and Damien Mizdow. Ryback pinned The Miz with the Shell Shocked for the victory.
Slammy Award for the match of the year –
Hosted by – Rickie ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat

Nominees –
Triple Threat WWE World Heavyweight championship match Randy Orton vs. Batista vs. Daniel Bryan from WrestleMania XXX
Last Man Standing match between John Cena and Bray Wyatt at Payback
The Shield vs. Evolution from Extreme Rules
Team Cena vs. Team Authority from Survivor Series

Winner – Team Cena vs. Team Authority, Dolph Ziggler came out to get the Slammy. Ziggler thanked the fans for standing beside of him for all these years. He said that he took the award on behalf of team Cena but he dedicated the awards to the fans.

Match 6 – AJ Lee defeated Summer Rae by submission. AJ Lee made Summer Rae submit by the Black Widow Submission Maneuver.

Slammy Award for the Extreme moment of the year –
Hosted by – Rob Van Dam
Nominees –
Brock Lesnar – for Lesnar’s vicious assault on John Cena at Summer Slam
Kane – for assault on Daniel Bryan on Raw
Chris Jericho – for the high cross body on Bray Wyatt from on top of the Steel Cage
Seth Rollins – for Curb Stomping Dean Ambrose through the Cinder Blocks

Winner – Chris Jericho. Fandango came out and took the Slammy since he defeated Jericho at WrestleMania and he deserved the Slammy.

Footage from Survivor Series was shown where the Big Show betrayed John Cena as he punched John Cena right into and allowed Seth Rollins to pin and eliminate Cena from the match. Big Show then shook hands with Triple H and left, allowing the referee to count himself out.

Backstage the Big Show was interviewed by Renee Young. Renee asked Big Show if he would be able to focus on his match against John Cena on that night knowing the fact that this Sunday at TLC pay per view event he was facing Eric Rowan in the first ever Steel Stares match. Big Show said if somebody thought by that way making a mistake. He would forgive Renee for making a mistake but the WWE Universe, who called him a traitor. He had to take care of his family, there was no choice. He admitted that it was a mistake. But people called him a traitor. They did not let it go, the actual would be John Cena going head to head with him on that night. Because he was going to unleash all the rage on Cena, Cena did not have to think about Seth Rollins because he was going finish Cena on that night. So the biggest mistake would be committed by John Cena when he would step foot into the ring with the Big Show on that night.

Slammy Award for the Superstar of the year –
Hosted by – Booker T
Nominees –
Brock Lesnar
Dean Ambrose
Daniel Bryan
Roman Reigns
Bray Wyatt
John Cena
Seth Rollins
Winner – Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns came out to the arena and took the Slammy. He thanked the fans first and said that it was not the brass ring but it was pretty damn good and good and loved it. It was a step into the right direction and speaking of steps, stepping up, he did not care if it was John Cena, Brock Lesnar, The Rock, Triple H, Vince McMahon himself no matter would come to his way he would pass through all and would stand on top of the ladder and he wanted everyone to believe that.
Slammy Award winners as voted on WWE.com –

Double Cross of the Year – Seth Rollins betrays the Shield and joins the Authority
Animal of the Year – The Bunny
Best Actor – The Rock
NXT Superstar of the year – Sami Zayn
Anti Gravity Moment of the year – Seth Rollins Dives off the Balcony

Main Event – John Cena defeated Big Show by disqualification. Big Show dominated John Cena throughout the match but Cena waa about to pick up the victory with the AA on Big Show. J & J security and Seth Rollins attacked Cena and allowed the match go to disqualification. Rollins attempted to Curb Stomp Cena from on top of a ladder but Ziggler interfered and saved Cena. They started fighting back as Big Show nailed both Cena and Ziggler with knock out punch. Eric Rowan came out and Luke Harper attacked him from behind. Big Show choke slammed Rowan on the Steel Step. Ryback came out and started to fight Big Show and Luke Harper. Kane came out and attacked Ryback with a Steel Chair. Kane knocked out Ryback with the chair, on the other hand, Ziggler was driven through the table placed inside the ring by Luke Harper. At outside of the ring Seth Rollins power bombed John Cena through the announce table. Big Show, Seth Rollins, Luke Harper and kane stood tall inside the ring as the show went off air.

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