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This week’s SmackDown started as the Bloodline was seen arriving in the arena. Sami Zayn attempted to have friendly contacts with Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso separately, and they accepted to do that. But when he attempted to do the same with Roman Reigns, he ignored him, which really shocked Sami. So Sami’s days are finally to an end as a Bloodline member?

WWE has now organized a tournament to crown the number one contender for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. The RAW Tag Team titles would be defended on this week’s RAW, and now the SmackDown Tag Team titles will be defended soon as separate titles. Thankfully the Tag Team titles of WWE are not Undisputed titles anymore. We can now home the World titles get split as well.

SmackDown. Image Credits: Twitter

WWE SmackDown 20.01.2023 Results & Ratings

Match 1 – Drew McIntyre and Sheamus defeated The Viking Raiders

The match was booked for newly 10 minutes and it was a very good match. It was a classic Triple H style match which finally gave us hope that he is still in charge and Vince McMahon is not messing things up. It is also reported that the idea of presenting two tag team titles as two separate set of titles is also Triple H’s idea.

About the match it was really good but some questions can be asked. The Viking Raiders were given such amazing return promos recently, it looked like they would be booked really, but now they are jobbers? We have no problem with them been eliminated from the tournament but they should have to survive till the finals at least.

We do not think it was a very good idea to have The Viking Raiders eliminated so early. The latter part of the match was mostly dominated by the babyface side. When the heels were finally getting in control, Sheamus gained momentum back and he pinned Ivar with the Brogue Kick to earn the victory for his side.

Backstage Sami Zayn met Roman Reigns and asked what was wrong. Roman Reigns demanded an explanation of why he was upset when Usos attacked Kevin Owens last week. Zayn gave his explanation that he was not aware of the plan and he wanted to beat Owens by his own. Roman Reigns got angry with him and ordered him to get out of the room. He said that The Tribal Chief did not have to consult with him about any plans.

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Match 2 – LA Knight defeated Enhancement Talent

The match was booked for less than one minute and it was an easy squash victory for LA Knight. He cut a short promo on Bray Wyatt before getting into the match. Then the bell rang and Knight pinned the enhancement talent pretty easily with A Knee to the Face move.

After the match, The Firefly Funhouse Set was seen on the big screen and The Fiend character of Bray Wyatt is back. Finally, WWE ended the previously confusing and boring storyline of Wyatt. It was the exact same Fiend storyline. We hope to see Alexa Bliss back in this set soon as well.

Match 3 – No. 1 Contender’s Tournament for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship – First Round – The Hit Row defeated Los Lotharios

This match was booked for two and a half minutes and it was mostly dominated by the Los Lotharios. But the heel side snatched a cheeky victory at the end when B-Fab held the foot of Humberto Carrillo which the referee failed to notice, and Ashante Adonis quickly rolled him up to earn the pinfall victory for his side.

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Next up was a segment between Charlotte Flair and Sonya Deville where Charlotte Flair kept on saying that Sonya Deville did not deserve any more opportunities for the title and Sonya kept on demanding another title shot. As Adam Pearce interfered to say something Sonya hit a cheap shot on Charlotte, quickly escaped the ring and started laughing. She did not even wait to listen to Adam Pearce.

Match 4 – No. 1 Contender’s Tournament for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship – First Round – Imperium defeated The Brawling Brutes

This match was booked for six minutes and it was a good match. The babyface side dominated the most part of the match but heel side managed to earn the victory at the end and quite surprisingly, it was a clean win. Giovanni Vinci pinned Ridge Holland with Double Team Upper Cut Move.

Match 5 – No. 1 Contender’s Tournament for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship First Round – Legado Del Fantasma defeated The Maximum Male Models

This match was booked for three minutes only and Legado Del Fantasma did not have to work very hard to earn the victory over the Maximum Male Models. Undoubtedly, they are the biggest jobbers in WWE today. Mansoor was the one who faced the pin after the double team move from Fantasma.

Backstage Roman Reigns met Sami Zayn again and this time he said that he understood Sami’s perspective and he was not mad at him anymore. He wanted him to make sure that everything was in the right place. Sami thanked Roman for understanding him.

The final segment of the night was pretty short but good. It was the official contract signing for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship. Roman Reigns came out first, he signed the contract and was relaxing on a chair, waiting for Kevin Owens to come out and sign the contract.

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Kevin Owens came out of nowhere and attacked Roman Reigns. He hit Roman with a Stunner. The Usos and Solo Sikoa tried to save Roman but Owens beat them down single handedly. He then put Roman through a table. As Sami Zayn came out to help the Bloodline, Owens signed the contract and threw it to Sami. Kevin Owens left through the crowd and The Bloodline was checking on Roman Reigns as this week’s SmackDown went off air.

Overall it was an average show of Friday Night Smackdown. Apart from the first match and the last segment, there was almost nothing to see. The no. 1 contender’s tournament for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship was a good decision, but apart from the first match, no other matches were anything exciting.

The Fiend and Firefly Funhouse is back, which is a good thing. The last segment was good, and the reactions from Michael Cole were just amazing. This was one of his best works ever. But they wasted too much time with pre taped footages, this issue persists every week. A lot of big names remained missing from tonight’s show which was another massive downfall. We give this week’s Smackdown 1.5 out of 5.

Sportzwiki Ratings – 1.5/5