This was the first segment between the competitors of the WWE World Heavyweight championship ladder match at Money in the Bank. It was really fun, such segments could not be seen very often on Friday Night Smackdown these days.

John Cena came out first to the arena. Cena welcomed everyone to Smackdown and praised the fans for their energy of cheering. He said how the championships got unified and how Daniel Bryan became the champion. He also said how he got injured and the title was vacated. Now, they were heading towards a ladder match for the vacant championship. Cena said that he would walk out of Money in the Bank by saying the champ is here.

Alberto Del Rio interfered. Del Rio said that he did not have think about Del Rio enough. He said that he was the first superstar to qualify for the WWE World championship ladder match and he would also be the first superstar to climb the ladder and grab the title. He would prove himself again by winning the WWE World Heavyweight champion.

WWE United States champion Sheamus interfered. Sheamus told Del Rio to shut up because the people did not give a damn about what he had to say. After Money in the Bank event, he would be the WWE United States champion and also the WWE World Heavyweight champion at the same time.

Cesaro interfered along with Paul Heyamn. Paul Heyman first cut a promo on the WWE World Heavyweight championship ladder match at Money in the Bank. And then he said that none of them would win the championship but his client Cesaro, just like his other client Brock Lesnar conquered the undefeated streak of The Undertaker.

Roman Reigns interfered through the crowd. Reigns said that he could not trust anybody after he was backstabbed by Seth Rollins. The only thing in his mind was the WWE World Heavyweight championship and no one could certainly stop him from winning the title. Reigns looked straight at john Cena. Cena opened his t shirt and intended to fight.

Randy Orton interfered now and he said the same thing that everybody else said. He said that he would win the championship. Roman Reigns broke into a fight with Orton. The two started fighting outside of the ring. The other four competitors also started fighting inside the ring. Sheamus and John Cena took Cesaro and Del Rio. A six man tag team match had been announced for later on the night where Cena, Reigns and Sheamus team up to fight against Del Rio, Cesaro and Orton.


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