This is the main event of last week’s Friday Night Smackdown. The details of the match is given below, enjoy;

John Cena entered the arena first then came Luke Harper after a small promo from Bray Wyatt and Eminem’s WrestleMania theme song Legacy. Luke Harper got the early advantage as his grapple proved to be stronger than John Cena. Harper pushed Cena to the ropes and kept punching him on his groin. Cena tried to capitalize with some punches and a running move but Harper quickly got back into it with head first. Harper made the cover but Cena kicked out in two.

Harper kept punishing Cena with upper cuts and punches. Harper hold Cena in a choke hold, after being locked in the choke hold, Cena capitalized with a Back Drop. Cena tried to get the control of the match with some back to back running Shoulder firsts but Harper once again got it in his hands with a super kick. He attempted a cover but Cena kicked out in two.

Harper attempted a Scoop Slam which Cena countered and tried to lock him in the STF submission maneuver, Harper dummied the move but Cena came back with a Belly to Back suplex. Cena got prepared for Five Knuckle Shuffle and connected it. He picked Harper then for the Attitude Adjustment but Harper capitalized and nailed Cena with a Big Boot.

Harper attempted a pin which Cena kicked out again in two. Cena went two the turnbuckle, Harper attempted a running high kick, Cena dummied the move and Harper fell down from the ring. As soon as Harper got inside the ring Cena locked him into the STF submission maneuver. Harper bit on Cena’s arm and Cena left him. Harper nailed him with a high face first and went for the cover. Again, Cena kicked out in two.

Harper stood up and picked Cena up. He attempted a Power Bomb which Cena countered with a Hurricanrana. Luke quickly got back into his feet and showed Cena ground with a hurricanrana too. Cena stood up and Harper nailed him with a High Angle Body Slam. He attempted a pin again and again Cena kicked out in two. Harper looked frustrated with this. He stood up and started getting prepared for a running move. As Harper ran towards Cena, Cena dummied the Harper’s running clothesline, as Harper turned Cena picked him on his shoulders and nailed him with his finishing maneuver Attitude Adjustment. Cena attempted the pin and got the victory.

Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan ran towards the ring to stop him but Cena escaped from the other side.


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