Randy Orton came out to the arena to get things arena. Picture footage of Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns from Summerslam were shown where Roman Reigns defeated Randy Orton in a heart stopping match. Randy Orton grabbed a mic and stared at the crowd for a while, the crowd booed Randy Orton thoroughly. Michael Cole reminded Roman Reigns defeated Randy Orton again in a six man tag team match at this past week on Monday Night Raw.

Randy Orton indicated towards Roman Reigns and said that just because he won the battle did not mean he won the war. Only one match could not define Randy Orton, neither one match could define Roman Reigns. He said that he is called the Legend Killer, the Apex Predator, and the Viper, but one thing that he has never been called was a loser. All that this had done for him was to make him more focused and when he was focused, things like the assault on Roman Reigns last month happened.

Randy Orton pointed towards the big screen where it was shown again where Randy Orton beat down Roman Reigns badly. As we all know Roman Reigns was scheduled to face Kane in a one on one match, but Randy Orton interfered during Reigns’ entrance and beat him down really bad.

After the end of the footage, Orton smiled with satisfaction. He said that was the Legend Killer, that was the Viper and that was the actual Apex Predator. Roman Reigns would get what he rightfully deserved, Roman Reigns would get what was coming to him, maybe even on that night.

Orton reminded first things first as he had a match on that night against Rob Van Dam. Orton said sorry to Rob Van Dam because he said that Van Dam was nothing but a collateral damage to him. What he was going to him on that night would be served as a warning to every one in the back of the locker room and every one of the WWE Universe, if anybody stood in his way, if anybody stepped in his way, he would put him away, because he was Randy Orton who was a third generation, he was a twelve times World champion, and he was the greatest superstar in the industry. He deserved respect. Now that he had his focus back he would simply take whatever he wished from him. He threw the mic away and posed on the turn buckle, the fans if the arena booed him.



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