The show started as they showed the footage from Summerslam and claimed ‘Epic battles changed the course of WWE’. They showed all the footages of matches one by one in a short amount of time (I can agree that Summrslam was a superb event, but the way they are building it, was it really that good? I mean was it really a better event that WrestleMania was? Or the best Summerslam in the history of twenty seven years? I do not know but I am quite confused).

Randy Orton came out to the arena to get things arena. Picture footage of Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns from Summerslam were shown where Roman Reigns defeated Randy Orton in a heart stopping match. Randy Orton grabbed a mic and stared at the crowd for a while, the crowd booed Randy Orton thoroughly. Michael Cole reminded Roman Reigns defeated Randy Orton again in a six man tag team match at this past week on Monday Night Raw.

Randy Orton pointed towards the big screen where it was shown again where Randy Orton beat down Roman Reigns badly. As we all know Roman Reigns was scheduled to face Kane in a one on one match, but Randy Orton interfered during Reigns’ entrance and beat him down really bad.

Orton reminded first things first as he had a match on that night against Rob Van Dam. Orton said sorry to Rob Van Dam because he said that Van Dam was nothing but a collateral damage to him. What he was going to him on that night would be served as a warning to every one in the back of the locker room and every one of the WWE Universe, if anybody stood in his way, if anybody stepped in his way, he would put him away, because he was Randy Orton who was a third generation, he was a twelve times World champion, and he was the greatest superstar in the industry. He deserved respect. Now that he had his focus back he would simply take whatever he wished from him. He threw the mic away and posed on the turn buckle, the fans if the arena booed him.

Seth Rollins came out to the arena during Randy Orton’s celebration. As Randy Orton was departing, he shook hands with Seth Rollins. As he was coming by the entrance floor footage from his epic Lumber Jack match and the falls count anywhere match from last week on Monday Night Raw against Dean Ambrose was shown on the big screen. In both occasions, Seth Rollins came out victorious. Ambrose’s backstage assault on Rollins last week on Monday Night Raw was also shown. This feud between the two turned out to be one of the best feuds of 2014. We hope it continues for a while more, as much time is passing, it is getting more and more interesting. Jack Swagger came out the opponent of Seth Rollins for the night.

Match 1 – Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins defeated Jack Swagger by count out. Really good match, very much enjoyable, Jack Swagger was attempting to come inside the ring when Seth Rollins struck Curb Stomp on Swagger on the Apron. Swagger fell down outside of the ring and he could not get back into the ring by the count of ten. Seth Rollins left the arena after celebrating for a while Bo Dallas came out.

Bo Dallas entered the ring and grabbed the mic. Bo addressed Swagger and said after letting down three hundred and eighteen million Americans by losing to Rusev at Summerslam, he had turned for him an American Zero from an American Hero. But in true patriotic passion, he would be willing to pick up the pieces of his failure and become the new American Sweet Heart. He reminded a quote spoken by a great American, ‘There is nothing to fear but fear itself’, yes he reminded the great quote spoken by Franklin Roosevelt. All they had to do was look at the fear right into the face and say ‘I Bo-Lieve’.

The commentators talked about the one on one match between Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella from Summerslam where Brie was in the driving position and suddenly Brie’s own sister Nikki Bella backstabbed her. Nikki helped Stephanie McMahon to get the victory over Stephanie McMahon. Last week on Monday Night Raw, Nikki Bella told the world that she was sick and tired of seeing Brie on the spotlights all the time (I still remember how terrible Nikki’s mic skill was, probably the worst mic skill of a professional wrestler ever had), now it was her time. Now she wanted the spotlights on her, she did not want to be allied with her sister Brie. Brie came out and tried to talk to her and Nikki slapped Brie right into the face. Brie left the arena crying.

Backstage the Miz was seen talking on phone. Kane was seen standing beside him. Miz took his phone off and he demanded his intercontinental championship rematch. Kane told him that before he got his rematch for the IC title, he needed to face someone else on that night. He needed to face the one who rearranged the money maker last week on Monday Night Raw, Roman Reigns.

Match 2 – Rusev defeated Sin Cara by submission. After the match, Lana entered the ring and said that this was going to happen to the one who disrespected Russia and she pointed to Sin Cara. Before she could proceed, mark Henry appeared on the big screen. He said that they did not get the massage he delivered last week on Monday Night Raw. He wanted them to guess what happened next. Mark Henry came out to the arena. As henry entered the ring, Rusev and Lana left it.

Backstage Rob Van Dam was interviewed by Renee Young. Van Dam was asked about his feelings on facing Randy Orton on that night. Van Dam said that he felt great. He addressed Randy Orton and said he should chill out because there was no shame in losing to Roman Reigns, Reigns was a great competitor. Before Van Dam could finish he was attacked by Orton from his back. Orton told Renee to tell Van Dam when he woke up, Orton would be waiting for him.

Match 3 – Rob Van Dam defeated Randy Orton by disqualification. Orton had no intention of a legal fight. He assaulted on Van Dam badly outside of the ring. The referee tried to prevent him but Orton did not listen and the referee had to call for the bell. The assault continued even after the bell and it continued for quite a while.

Match 4 – Natalya defeated WWE Divas champion Paige by submission in a non title match. AJ Lee cost Paige the match and Natalya made Paige tap out by the Sharp Shooter.

Match 5 – Goldust and Stardust defeated Luke Harper and Eric Rowan. Goldust pinned Luke Harper for the win. After the match, Luke Harper and Eric Rowan beat down Goldust and Stardust.

Footage from last week’s WWE Main Event was shown where Triple H informed that John Cena submitted his request to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. The champion had been informed and the requested had been granted. Triple H announced that John Cena would face Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight championship at the next pay per view event Night of Champions on September 21.

Main Event – Roman Reigns defeated The Miz. Randy Orton was outside of the ring who tried to cost Reigns his match but he failed. Reigns pinned Miz with the Spear. After the match, Orton entered the ring and jumped on Reigns for a fight. The fight went on for a while and Reigns won this unofficial fight too. Orton had to depart and Reigns stood strong in the ring as the show went off air.

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