Batista came out to the arena. Batista said from years, months and days, the fans begged him to come back to WWE. So there he was and they were booing. The one they were booing was a six times heavyweight champion, winner of the 2014 Royal Rumble, the headliner of the main event of WrestleMania XXX, and they boo him. And they cheer for sawed off goat faced gargoyle wannabe’s like Daniel Bryan, how did that make sense?

Batista continued by saying that he considered it as a personal slap in the face, which brought him to past week’s Monday Night Raw and the footage was shown where Batista abused Stephanie McMahon and got slapped by her and Randy Orton started laughing and got speared by Batista. After the end of the footage, Batista asked the fans if they thought it was funny, but he did not think Randy Orton was laughing anymore. And he did not think either Daniel Bryan or Triple H would be laughing at WrestleMania XXX. But this would be fact, whether the fans like it or not, Batista would walk out of WrestleMania as the new WWE World Heavyweight champion. He did not care whom he has to beat, once again he abused Stephanie McMahon here.

WWE COO Triple H came out. Triple H entered the ring and told Batista to keep Triple H’s wife out of it. Batista asked why would he leave Stephanie McMahon out of it? She was the reason for this (he pointed to Triple H and his attire), she was the reason for this suit, she was reason Triple H is COO of the WWE. He said that Triple h would not have any of these if did not marry the boss’ daughter.

Triple H that he wondered why everyone is concerned about things they should not be concerned about. He said this is the reality era now, and in the reality era, people do not need to worry about things like that. It does not really matter. Batista should be concerned about the face that Triple H does have that power. Triple H asked batista why he was trying to make it personal between them.

Batista said that he was not trying to make things personal but Triple H. Batista reminded Triple H some of his past glories like every time they competed each other, Triple H lost, that is a fact, Triple H never defeated Batista. The only Batista came back to WWE was to win the title, and Triple h would not be stopping him. Triple H said that he never beat him before but that was a story of a long time ago, when Batista used to be the Animal. But after that Batista got some success and he became lazy and abused him. For some reason, Batista came back to WWE but since his return Triple H is yet to see the animal. Triple H showed the world what he can do by finishing Daniel Bryan. Triple H said that he would be going to help him by giving him a match on that night, so that if he could find the animal back, and he made a one on one match between Batista and Sheamus.


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