The Animal Batista came out to the arena first as he was booed thoroughly by the fans. Then came his challenger The Celtic Warrior Sheamus.

Batista did a good job as a heel in this game. We did not see Batista playing like this before. As Sheamus tried to grapple Batista to start the match, Batista prevented him by going to the ropes. When Batista came out of the ropes and finally made the grapple, Sheamus pushed him to the turn buckle. The referee asked Sheamus to release Batista and he did so, once again, Batista went inside the ropes.

When Batista came back, he reversed the grapple with a Head lock. Sheamus pushed him to the ropes and grounded with a shoulder first. Sheamus tried to pick Batista up but Batista went outside the ring. Batista played an old trick as he did not go inside the ring and irritated Sheamus. Sheamus went outside the ring to catch Batista, Batista quickly went into the ring by the other side, as Sheamus followed him, and Batista attacked him with foot stomps. Batista picked Sheamus up, dragged him to the nearby turn buckle and kept hitting back to back shoulder firsts and punches.

Sheamus quickly countered back as he pulled Batista to the turn buckle and attack him with wild punches. He attempted to throw Sheamus to another turn buckle; Batista reversed and threw Sheamus which grounded him. Batista picked him back and nailed him again with a standing clothesline.

Batista attempted another clothesline which Sheamus blocked somehow, he tried to attack Batista with a running move but Batista capitalized quickly. He pushed Sheamus to the turnbuckle and nailed him with a clothesline on the side. Sheamus went to another turn buckle, Batista ran towards him to hit another clothesline. This Time Sheamus prevented him with a kick to the jaw. Sheamus ran towards him but Batista nailed him with a Spine buster.

Batista went towards the ropes and taunted for Batista Bomb. As he turned back, Sheamus came back with a clothesline. Sheamus then started to dominate Batista with various moves. He prepared for the Beats of the Bodhran but Batista countered with a rope scissor. As he tried to go back to the ring, Sheamus grabbed him again and this time he connected Beats of the Bodhran. He took Batista back with an Oklahoma Slam.

Sheamus got prepared for the Brogue Kick, as he was about to connect the kick, Batista went outside the ring. Sheamus followed him out. Batista disqualified himself with a chair shot on Sheamus’ stomach. He unloaded the steel chair on Sheamus. He kept assaulting Sheamus and he finished with a Batista Bomb inside the ring.


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