Emma came out for the next contest of the night followed by the WWE Divas champion Paige. Footage from last week’s Monday Night Raw was shown where Paige defeated Natalya and after the match, AJ Lee interrupted Paige during her celebration. Natalya clotheslined Paige from the back. AJ Lee went inside and helped Paige to stand up. AJ Lee said that Paige addressed her as her frienemy and she knew that she was being sincere, but not as sincere as she was. AJ Le put the mic down, moved slowly towards Paige and hugged her. She wanted Paige to shake hands with her. As Paige did not move, AJ took Paige’s hand and kissed it.

WWE Divas champion Paige defeated Emma by submission. The match was short, it was totally dominated by Paige. Paige made Emma submit by her submission maneuver Scorpion Cross Lock aka Paige Tap Out (PTO).

After the match, AJ Lee appeared again. She had red heart shaped box in her hand. Paige pointed to the box and asked what that was. AJ Lee said that it was not even the Valentine’s Day, but every day she wanted to show her love towards her friend and she opened the box, the box was full of chocolate. Paige looked puzzled, AJ asked what was wrong with her when she herself told that she was the best friend of AJ an she said that she loved her. So this box was for Paige. Paige still looked puzzled, AJ screamed in a little anger this time ‘Eat One’. Paige slowly picked up one of the chocolates and ate it. She nodded her head to say that the chocolate was good. AJ looked happy, she had a broad smile on her face. After chewing the chocolate for a while, Paige spitted it up. AJ looked at Paige with anger, Paige was smiling. Paige left the ring and mocked the walking style of AJ, she was leaving the arena slowly when there was a look of unhappiness in the face of AJ Lee. As Paige stood near the entrance stage, AJ tried to smile, she picked up a piece of chocolate and started chewing it. Paige was quite shocked to see AJ Lee eating the chocolate. She tried to show that she might have thought that AJ mixed something in the chocolate, maybe poison.

This storyline started really excellent, but slowly, it is turning out to be bad. They are showing the same thing every day. Paige having a match with a diva, after the match, AJ interferes and tries to say that she believes like her friend. I think they should do something new now, it is turning out to be quite boring.



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