Corporate Kane came out to the arena. Kane said that last Monday on Raw the Authority made their most difficult decision. With Survivor Series edging near, and the very fate of the Authority hanging in the balance, we needed to decide how to handle Randy Orton. But no one could question Randy’s ability, the question was; where his loyalty lied. (Another thing was confirmed earlier that Randy Orton had suffered a concussion so he would miss next week’s Monday Night Raw, and it was not confirmed that how much it would be out of action, we do not know if this injury was kayfabe or real)

Kane continued as he said that Randy Orton should serve as an example because if we would do that to one of our own, imagine what would happen to everybody else. He said that they were either on team authority or against them. Kane threatened everyone to choose wisely.

Kane said that Dolph Ziggler was offered an opportunity to have the World instead he chose the admiration of the fans. Kane said that Dolph Ziggler thought he could if he teamed up with John Cena.

Kane threatened him and said that he would like to see if he could seriously survive on that night against Kane, and since a cage was already hanging above his head, he would like to make it a steel cage match.

Kane continued as he said that team authority had an open position available, so this time, he would like to call out a potential recruit. This man had shown everything they were looking for.

Kane was interrupted by Cesaro. Cesaro said as he moved on to the ring that he survived anything and everything WWE had thrown at him. Cesaro said that as Kane said that the fate the authority had been balanced. Cesaro said that if they were looking for somebody to join team Authority who could swing John Cena, Cesaro was their man.

Kane waited for a while and said that he would like to be honest here. Cesaro was not the superstar he was expecting. But if Cesaro was intent on proving himself, he could face the superstar whom Kane would like to join team authority, and that match was next.

Ryback came out to the arena. The fans cheered loudly for him (I thought Ryback had been going through a face run, he would join team Authority? Oh let us see).



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