This was the opening match of the night and the first title defense of the newly crowned United States champion Sheamus, who won the twenty man battle royal to win the WWE United States championship this past week on Monday Night Raw. The champion Sheamus entered the arena first followed by the challenger, the former champion Dean Ambrose.

Lillian Garcia announced the names of the challenger and the champion and the match started. Dean Ambrose tried to get the early advantage with a leg sweep which Sheamus blocked. Ambrose did not leave Sheamus’ legs and pulled them to show him the ground. He tried to lock him in a Texas Cloverleaf which Sheamus continuously tried to block.

Sheamus quickly capitalized with a neck lock. Ambrose got away from it easily. He attempted a shoulder throw which Sheamus reversed with a clothesline. After a pin fall failure, Sheamus locked Ambrose in a shoulder lock. Dean Ambrose got out of it after a while and cultivated with a Lou Thesz Press.

Both went outside the ring. Ambrose was desperate to get the control of the match when was Sheamus proving out to be the heavier one. Ambrose hit a suplex outside of the ring which hurt Sheamus badly. Again Sheamus capitalized with a Samoan Drop on the outside of the ring.

Sheamus dragged Ambrose to the ring and locked him in a neck lock. After being locked for a while, Ambrose got out of it and capitalized with a running clothesline. As Sheamus fell into the ground, Ambrose unloaded random punches on the head of Sheamus.

Ambrose attempted to throw Sheamus to a turn buckle which Sheamus reversed and attempted to hit a shoulder block which Ambrose dummied and Shemaus hit his own shoulder with the steel post. Sheamus fell outside of the ring and Ambrose jumped on him through the second rope.

Ambrose picked Sheamus back into the ring and went for Sheamus’ legs. He locked a figure 4 leg lock on Sheamus. Sheamus somehow grabbed the rope nearby him. As Ambrose went near him, Shemaus kicked him right into the face, before Ambrose could do anything, Sheamus hit the Irish curse backbreaker. He attempted a pin which Ambrose kicked out.

Sheamus locked Ambrose into the Texas Cloverleaf. Ambrose somehow grabbed the rope near him after a while. Ambrose went near the apron, and Sheamus grabbed him to hit the Beats of Bodhran.

Sheamus Ambrose up and attempted the Samoan Drop which Ambrose tried to convert in a pin, Sheamus tried to reverse it and kicked Ambrose on the face. Ambrose went back from the ring and hit a solid clothesline.

Both stood up and tried their best to get the control of the match, Sheamus came out to be the stronger one as he nailed Ambrose with the Brogue Kick. Ambrose fell out of the ring. Referee started counting, Ambrose came back into the ring after nine count. As Ambrose stood up Sheamus hit another Brogue Kick and pinned him for the victory. Shemaus retained the United States championship.


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